Moms don’t always have time and energy to play with their toddlers all day long and keep them entertained. This leads to fatigue and even depression, resulting in a bad influence on your other activities during the day. However, some principles would work over and over again, for engaging children in certain activities. After you get to know them, things will be much easier. You and your baby can both have fun! If you know what your children really love, it will take no time to get them interested in all sorts of activities, including educational ones. In this article, we will introduce you to the 21 activities that can engage your toddler and let you have some time for yourself. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

21 Easy Ways to Entertain Your Toddler

This list includes various activities for your kids to have fun. Most of them require assistance from you, but some can be done independently, depending on how old your kid is.

Play with colors

Kids are easily engaged with anything that is colorful.

Playing with crayons

You can give them crayons to draw on white paper to expand their imagination. Also, you can try flashcards and books with lots of colorful images to get their attention. They can both learn something and have fun at the same. This simple yet effective way has proven to work every time with kids from all over the world.

Planting Trees

This will teach your kids to love the environment as well as the world we are living in. planting trees

Go to the park

This is a great way to let the kids have fun in the playground with some new friends. Being exposed to the early Sun (7-8 AM) and breathing fresh air are some benefits of this activity.

Sidewalk paint

Another fun activity with colors. Let your kids be creative with water coloring, and you might be surprised to find he or she is actually good!

Painting sidewalks

You can also use colored chalk as an alternative for watercolors.

Water beads

I’m sure you must have heard of water beads. All kids love these little colorful poppable balls. You can find them at any convenient store. However, keep in mind that they are not edible, so you might feel unsafe letting your kids play with them. There is an alternative way to this - tapioca balls! You can learn to make these edible balls in just a few simple steps. Good luck!

Poms poms

You can make cardboard tubes from used boxes, tape them to the wall, and have your toddler drop poms poms from one end to another. It looks more fun than you think it is, especially for kids.

Tell stories

Kids love storytelling. You can tell them stories about what happened in the past, or about other cultures, world fables, etc. This is the best way to expand kids’ vocabulary while keeping them entertained.

Play with shaving cream

This fun yet messy activity will be sure to keep your kids occupied for quite some time. However, if your kids tend to put stuff in their mouths, I don’t recommend this activity since shaving cream is not edible. You can watch them play, though; but as a mom, I know you have other things to do too.

Playing with shaving cream

You can also try whipped cream as a replacement for shaving cream. They’re edible, and fun to play with!

Sit in the bathtub with stuff animals

The kids can sit in an empty bathtub with their favorite stuffed animals and let the imagination fly.

Melting ice

You can fill the ice trays with water, put a small toy in one of the cubes, and let your kids melt the ice. They will be blissful to find out that surprise you have for them.

Throw and stick

This is quite a fun game. You can tape your bathroom door with some tapes and let the kids throw paper rolled into balls towards the door to see if they stick.

Make bracelets

Make beads bracelet To do this, you will need shoelaces, colorful beads, or buttons. Have the kids pick out their favorite colors, and connect the beads and buttons using a shoelace. You can help them thread the end and done! - friendship bracelets for your kids and you too!

Count things

Your kids can both have fun and learn something by counting objects like cars outside on the street, or pots in your kitchen. This simple yet effective way has proved to work very well in helping children learn to count faster.

Make simple origami

A bird or a boat are some of the simple origami you can teach your kids to do.


This has to be the all-time favorite thing to play with, or at least for me, it was. Your toddler can get creative by shaping play dough into any form they want: a flower, a ball, etc.

Play with toys

Yes, it may leave quite a mess after they’re done playing, but it can keep your kids occupied for quite some time. You can sit down and join the games with them too. Games like building blocks or racing cars are so much fun when you’re there to participate and watch them from taking unsafe risks.

Classify objects by color

You should arrange small objects like Lego pieces, blocks, beads, or other little things like that and have your kids sort them out by color. Objects you can prepare

DIY crafts

This activity will enhance your kids’ creativity and carefulness. Materials like cotton, colored paper, markers are needed. Scissors can be included with your assistance.

Sing songs

Songs like ‘Baby Shark’ or ‘Johny Johny Yes Papa’ are cute and fun to sing out loud together.

Go for a walk in the stroller

Try point out some of the simple different things while having a walk with your child: birds, flowers, cars, etc. Sometimes a nice long walk is all you need.

Give snacks

Nothing tastes better than some cheerios for when your kid is bored. Sure, they’re not hungry; but who doesn’t like having cheerios?! They will love it! Read more: 9 Brilliant College Survival Kit Ideas

In Closing

All the activities mentioned above are fun and easy to follow. Your toddlers are sure to feel engaged, and at the same time, improve her/his ability to create, then fully develop what he/she is good at. What is better than learning through play?...