Kids, especially boys, love playing with legos. I mean, who doesn’t?! You can get super creative by putting these colorful blocks together, creating houses, buildings...towns; the possibilities are endless! However, some parents may find organizing these little blocks a big challenge. Initially, one of the most obvious ways to organize them is to separate them out by color: blue goes with blue, red goes with red, etc. In this article, we will provide you with some ideas for organizing Lego pieces to help your kids quickly find what they need as well as keep the house neat and tidy.

10 Lego Organizing Ideas

Lego baskets

lego organizing ideas This is one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to store Lego pieces - in baskets. You can put everything in one single basket, or you can sort them out by color and have them in separate painted baskets like the picture below. As for me, I prefer using one basket because my kids don’t mind picking out individual pieces from a miscellaneous mess. Yet, many parents would go with the second option. Each color represents what blocks should go in what basket, which makes it easy for your children to find the significant pieces they want. You can hang these baskets on the wall, or simply just have them stand in the corner of the room.

Lego drawers

If you have spare drawers from any of the tables in the house, you can take advantage of them by storing Lego pieces there; or you can invest in one of those plastic storage bins that have a plywood tabletop. Actually, you can even build this table by yourself. It shouldn’t take too long; let’s say within a week. Once again, mark each bin with different colors so your kids can find what piece they want at ease.

Lego Storage Head

This giant lego head can be a cute decoration to the room as well as a great way to store your Lego pieces.

Lego Rolling Cart

Lego Rolling Cart There are many sizes to these rolling carts. Roll them out when it’s playtime, and roll them away when the party’s over.

Lego Shelves

You can build small shelves yourself and then glue the baseplates for your artwork on each shelf. This is a great way to keep all Lego models in one place as well as display your collection.

Lego shelves

For those who are fond of collecting Minifigures from movies like Star Wars or The Avengers, I’m sure this is the best way to store them. A friend of mine did this with his huge collection of Lego artwork from some of the blockbusters from the Marvel and DC universes. Everybody loves it!

Ziplock Bags for Lego Sets

My son finds it super frustrating when he has to dig deep in a box full of Lego pieces to look for one single missing piece for his set. Therefore, I find it better if we divide them into ziplock bags of different sets. This will not only save time but also make it easier to look for certain pieces. If you don’t have ziplock bags, screw top containers are also good alternatives.

Lego Wall

This might sound a little crazy, but imagine having a whole wall of Lego baseplates and being able to stick any pieces you want on that wall. Your kids will love it. If your kids are huge fans of Lego, a Lego-themed bedroom sounds like something you should try. Let’s just hope they don’t go off Lego one day after you had put so much effort into this.

Lego Organizer Box

This is another smart way to store your Legos. If you’re having any projects going on, you can use a few boxes to store the pieces you need, and store the others in what boxes are left.

Tool Chest for Lego Storing

Store your Lego in a tool chest - why not? This is one unique and clever way for easy access to your Lego collection. You can tape baseplates to the top as well as the lid of the tool chest to create a fun yet space-saving playing place for your kids. Definitely, here is the most durable of all lego-storage units. Lego Play Space and Storing Last but not least, you can put some effort into making a big Lego play space by tapping baseplates to a table that you don’t use anymore, along with some extra space to store Lego pieces. Your kids will absolutely love this, at least for a while, until they’re bored with Lego.

Bottom Line

I hope you found these lego organizing ideas creative. If you have any questions, you can comment down below, and I will answer them as soon as possible. Thank you for reading....