LEGO Organization Part I

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LEGO organization part one is in full swing over here. I spent my morning sorting, sorting and more sorting, with a variety of children in and out. This was my sons' idea, not mine, so I hope it will stick. … Continued

Brown Eyed Boys

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We specialize in them over here. Um, would someone mind explaining to me how a person who once lived inside my body is now several inches taller than me? And a whole lot stronger? Aww…Judah at 17 months. See, he … Continued

Just A Peek

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into our little school. A Playmobil battle about to commence Thanks for all the great project suggestions. I am looking into several of them. I love the idea of candlemaking…we've never that and we don't have to fake power outages … Continued

Lego Love

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The Lure of Legos is still going strong in our house. Since we’ve begun the Learning With Lego Unit with my younger students, the older children have been drawn to the Lego table more and more.  One of the things … Continued

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