Laundry. Large families. Need I say more? You’ve just finished the last load and POOF, more appear.

Obviously, it’s a never-ending battle. You feel overwhelmed when doing laundry in a large family, but you don’t know how to solve this problem.

Lucky for you! Today, we will share some great tips and tricks to help get your laundry done quickly in a large family.

Let’s get started!

Easy tips and tricks to manage laundry

Do laundry daily

It would be best if you can do laundry every day to stay the wash tidy. Do a load or two; it depends on how large your family is.

The dirty clothes won’t get overwhelming if they’re washed, dried, then folded, and put away daily.

Specify one laundry day in the week

If you’re too busy to do laundry every day, let’s choose one day in the week to do this.

Simply sorting laundry

You should have a simple sorting system like below:

  • Shirts together
  • Pants together
  • Towels/washcloths, pajamas and socks
  • Work clothes together

This system is secure for kids to understand and sort clothes.

laundry sorting

Sort by room, not by the color

Instead of sorting by color, usually darks and lights, you should sort by bedroom to save time.

This way helps you cut out two steps: distributing clothes by the owner and walking back and forth around the house to put them away.

Don’t wash what is not dirty

It would help if you only wash things that need to be washed.

Schedule a routine for your kids

Each child will have a specific day chosen to be their laundry day.

You should remind your kids to bring their dirty clothes to the laundry room the night before their washing day.

Teach your children to do their laundry

Teaching your kids laundry skills is also useful for them when they’re mature.

First, you should put a large laundry basket for dirty clothes in each room (Parents, Boys, and Girls)

Then you write out simple instructions, laminate the sheet, and attach it to the laundry room.

You will divide the kids by days of the week. For instance, the boys have Monday and Thursday, the girls have Tuesday and Friday, and the parents will be Wednesday and Saturday.

The oldest of each group is responsible for helping their younger siblings.

Each family member should have a different kind of socks

It would be better if you buy different brands of socks for family members to easily distinguish.

In this way, you will simply sort the socks without needing to figure out which kid owns those socks.

Having proper tools

Your life will be more comfortable if your laundry area is equipped with suitable accessories and tools.

Things you will need:

  • A table to fold dried clothes
  • A closet rod to hang garments or small items. If space is large enough, you should have an expandable shower curtain rod.
  • A white or chalkboard to write some notes on it.
  • Ironing board and flat iron - probably these two things are indispensable.

Fold clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer

Kid Fold Clothes

Let’s fold the clothes right after they’re dried to keep them smooth as well as make the folding process quickly.

Plus, let your kids help you fold clothes.

An interesting in a large family is the “many hands.” You’re like a team, so let’s work together to do faster.

Put laundry away immediately

Honestly, I advise you to give this tip a try.

Don’t put a new amount of clothes into the dryer until the last load is folded and put away.

Don’t put those clean clothes and walk away!

Make yourself as well as your family members have a habit of folding and putting clothes away before throwing the next load into the dryer.

Machine care

Besides, take care of your washers and dryers is also a necessary thing you should concern.

When you don’t use the washing machine, let its door open so you can prevent mold and mildew from forming.

Remember to clean the lint trap.

Maintain your washing machine once a month.

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Final Words

Well, I’ve shared with you some helpful tips and tricks for you to handle all of the laundries if you have a large family.

I hope that that information will be useful to you.

Feel free to ask us questions as well as leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!