If you are getting difficult to find an idea of a photo wall, this article brings DFY top ideas for you to choose from! With the advent of digital cameras as well as high-tech phones, we can easily own beautiful pictures every time in our life. But how do you store impressive photos that are exciting time than ever? The tradition of printing photos and keeping them in the albums or picture frames is gradually being phased out. Now, people want new trends for modern life, which are hanging pictures on the wall as decorating elements. To encourage people, this article comes up with the top 10 unique ideas to make your photo wall more beautiful.

Top 10 Ideas for Photo Wall

Following the big squares

photo wall idea The simplest way seems to hang photos as arrange them in large square frames on the wall. The symmetrical lines in the frame will create larger images that are more stylish and more attractive. But it would help if you remembered that all frames should be designed the same size to make it easier to organize into squares. Also, all the pictures should follow similar themes to create excellent effects for the frame.

Big Square Photo Wall

You can make your photos more visible by selecting photo frames with no border. Black and white images are suitable for this arrangement, especially in places with neutral colors.

Photo exhibition-style

This style involves placing photo frames of different sizes in different types of models instead of just hanging on the wall. You can set the most massive photo frame in the center, then place the smaller ones around but still maintain a reasonable distance between the frames. The perfect choice is black, white, and brown frames because they match the color of the furniture in the house.

Mosaic frames

Different from the above picture hanging style, the frames of different sizes should be arranged in a specific order, which will create squares or large rectangles on the wall. You can use images with many different themes, but it is best to have individual connections to create a more harmonious overall. The theme in the design of the room is a base for you to choose the right photos.

Spiral line style

With this design, the most important or the largest images should be placed in the center, then the smaller ones will be arranged around. You can set each image at an equal distance to create an order for the entire photo frame. If the center frame is larger than the other images, it will create more attention. That's why you should put the most important, most impressive photos here.

Fairy lights photo wall

Fairy lights photo wall This design will make your room look warmer. These fairy lights are not expensive but beautiful and suitable for children’s or teenagers’ rooms. It would help if you used some mini wooden pegs for a vintage look or colorful pegs for a vibrant style.

Put the picture on the bookshelves

Bookshelves are a great place to keep memories. So you can buy specially designed shelves for keeping the photo frames in it. You can also choose photo frames with different colors to attract attention. Or picture frames of the same color as the wall as they are attaching to your wall.

Style of ascending

That is a beautiful arrangement for hanging up your frames, especially if you want to place them on the stairs. Although the stairs area is not the ideal location for everyone to see your pictures, it is an excellent place to hang your family photos. While arranging in ascending stairs, sometimes you should do this in a separate room will be more impressive than leaving them in the center of the house.

Split photo wall art

This idea is unique. Let’s choose the photo you like best and split it into 2 or 3 parts (There are many photo apps or tools can help you split it free, you can search on the internet). The next step is printing them and hang them together. This photo style is often used in the living room to make an impression. But a notice for you that don’t use frames!


Those are my suggestions for your photo wall. Maybe it will help you in deciding how your wall is. From these ideas, you can create and change something to make your photo-wall more beautiful and unique....