When your kids head off to college, you may feel nervous. Because they would feel alone or homesick. At that time, sending them a college care package is a good suggestion for you. This helps you send your love, your encouragement to your favorite college kid.  You may get lost when seeing dozens or even hundreds of cool college care package ideas floating around the internet.   Don’t worry. Our article will provide you with 11 awesome ideas to save your time of searching. 

Find out Your Favourite College Care Package Idea 

1. Seasonal Care Package 

What will be in a Summer Care Package sending your beloved kids? Here are our advice: 
  • A bathing suit 
  • A pair of sunglasses 
  • Some sunscreen 
  • An umbrella/ A cap 
  • A cute T-shirt 

2. Zerowaste Care Package 

If your college kid are interested in environmental issues, this package will be perfect for him. Pay attention to these items below: 
  • Reusable bottle: Your kid won’t have to buy any plastic bottles of water at school. So he can save his money and save the Earth at the same time. 
  • Cloth napkins: They cut down on paper waste. Users don’t have to use paper napkins at any restaurants. 
  • Reusable straw: Using stainless steel or bamboo straws is much cleaner. It is a perfect way to reduce plastic waste. Your kid will be able to ask for no-straw at cafes and bars. 
  • Cloth bag: Your college students may have to go to the supermarket or grocery store sometimes. This bag will help them refuse to use plastic bags easily. 
  • Natural skincare products: These products are both safe for your student’s health and eco-friendly.

3. Birthday Package 

Bake some cookies and send your college kid as a message of love. Write them a card to express the feelings. Don’t forget some family photos in case your kid gets a homesick on his birthday faraway from home. Help your kid have a sweet and shimmering with a small cake and a few candles included. 

4. School Year Care Package 

Send a survival kit care package filled with these items: 
  • Handwritten notes 
  • Motivational quotes 
  • Snacks 
  • A calendar 
  • Headphones for the study time 
  • Some paper clips 
  • Some cute pens/pencils and a pencil sharpener 
  • A backpack made from durable materials 
Provide your college freshman with everything he needs. Don’t forget to enclose a love note to encourage him.  

5. Miles away Care Package 

You may be nervous because your college students may have feelings of homesickness. This package will help you out: 
  • Some candles paired with familiar scents that remind them of home. 
  • Photos of your family and frames so they can hang them on the walls surrounding themselves. 
  • Handwritten letters from your family members. 
  • A picture of their favorite destinations in your hometown. 
  • A small pillow and a warm blanket filled with love. 

6. Movie night Package 

If you want to surprise your dearest with a movie night and some quality time, consider trying this package: 
  • Coffee/Tea  
  • Popcorn kernels 
  • Candy bars 
  • Tissue papers 
  • A meaningful story from the movie you choose 
Here is a good suggestion if you need some tutorials: Movie Night in a Tin 

7. Color Coded Care Package 

Make the package filled with your favorite things in a particular color. Your kid love blue, yellow or red? Yellow goods may help you make up a "sunny box". You can choose a variety of pink  objects in order to make a “sweet box” full of love.  

8. Entertainment Package 

Monopoly Make your kids’ freetime have more fun with their friends. You can select some ideas below to enclose in your package: 
  • A few popular boardgames: Monopoly, Cashflow,... Click here for 19 suggestions. 
  • Tickets for some destinations in the city: museums, theatres, cinemas,... 
  • Their favourite singers’ albums 
  • Sports equipment: a basketball, a pair of badminton rackets, 
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9. Holiday Package 

Here’s a list of items that would fit a care package for Christmas: 
  • Gift cards 
  • Paper snowflakes 
  • Christmas themed bracelets 
  • Mini wreaths 
  • Mistletoe decorations 
How about a Halloween package? 
  • Spooky movies 
  • Black bath bombs 
  • Pumpkin candle holders 
  • Creepy doll keychain 
  • Black jelly beans 
  • Skull chocolate 
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In Conclusion 

After all, you can tailor your package to your favourite college student. Customize the package to match your tastes and styles whichever package you choose.   Care packages for college students go far beyond what's inside. They help you express your love and care to your beloved kids.   What’s your favorite care package in the list mentioned? Please let us know in the comment section. Thanks for reading!  ...