Why We Should Prioritize Our Teens?

Teens (from 13 to 19 years old) is a period of physical and mental transition in human development that takes place between childhood and adulthood. This period relates to the biological, psychological and social changes.

Recently, the teenager has been concerned and paid much attention to because they are increasingly becoming more and more important. Let me tell you some reasons why we should prioritize our teens.

The adolescence is the stage at which, teenagers are vulnerable

As you know, this is the period of puberty, so there are a lot of changes in their psychology and body. This leads to some differences between this stage and the previous one.

They become more sensitive about their appearance and easily affected by the habitat around them. All the factors that they come into contact with will be one of the most important things for their development.

Because the youth is an essential foundation for the later periods, they need to be prioritized so that they can be fully developed.

Teenagers need fresh water, fresh air, and a clean climate for the best evolution. Besides, good education and proper care are also necessary. Our responsibility is to provide them with all the best conditions.

The way we behave teenagers and the things we give them have a great influence on them. If there are any physical or mental adverse impact on teenagers, they will have to get disadvantages later.

This is the most developed phase

Prioritize Our Teens

As I mentioned above, the youth is the period of puberty and this is also the most developmental stage of man. It is both physical and intellectual development. Thus, the teenager is the best generation in society.

They are second to none in health and intelligence. Also, the youth has a great source of energy to get ready to acquire knowledge of humans.

You can see that teens are the people who can acquire and apply knowledge. They are creative and energetic in all areas of life. They are very potential to be successful in the future.

All we know that there are a large number of teenagers who have succeeded in different fields such as science, sports, the arts sector, and so on.

Therefore, we had better help them unleash the potential. If teenagers are paid more attention, I am sure that they will be able to make more progress. It is also a way to prioritize our teens.

Teens are always the first victims of wars

In many countries, people have no peace because of wars and conflicts. For that reason, at any time, people may become victims of bombs and bullets, especially children and teenagers.

It is not only the weapons that harm teens but also exploitation. At this age, they could not avoid the peril of their life.

Moreover, teenagers can be exploited in many ways. They can be forced to fight as a soldier or they have to work in factories all days and nights. Because the adolescence is too naive and innocent, they are not wise enough to recognize all these problems. Hence, they are easily taken advantage of.

The things we have to do is to eliminate wars and protect teens in countries where wars and conflicts are happening. After that, they need to be taken care of carefully. Teens are the next generations. Therefore, if they are not treated well, our future will be threatened.

Teenagers play an important role in the development of a country

We often say that teens are the future of a country or humans. They will be the prospective workforce and contribute to the development of not only the world but also their countries in all areas.

Because they are still young, they are proficient in many fields and have daring dreams and plans for their future. Besides, they always try to make differences with other people. This will lead to their values and success in the future.

For that reason, teenagers will take the place of the present generations to promote the growth of the economy and society. With these potentialities, teenagers need more help and “investment” so that they can make more progress. We also have to create good conditions for them.

I have listed 4 main reasons why we should prioritize our teens.

The young have energy and passion, so it is quite for us to prioritize them. The biggest reason to continue to hope is that they can learn and shape the world around them.

On celebrating the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Ms. Henrietta Fore, UNICEF Executive Director said “As the 1989 children became today’s leaders, the children and young people of 2019 will be the leaders of the future. The children inspire us.”

Thank you for reading!

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