The Best Kombucha Ever: A Summer Camp Tale

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It’s been hot here. Sweltering, really. Not only have we had an amazingly dry, sunny summer but wildfires from British Columbia have been filling our area with a smoky haze. We’ve been enjoying our hot summer, but it also means … Continued

Large Family Fun at Birch Bay

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Friday my friend Jen messaged me asking if I’d like to meet her at Birch Bay after she got off work. Here’s the thing, my friends. I’m a morning person and a bit of a homebody.  I kind of hate … Continued

This is Seven {Apollo}

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This is seven. Apollo is in love with this shirt from Target’s Cat and Jack collection. He wore it to his friend’s birthday party which was perfect since it was airplane themed.  Early morning yawns. He has been sleeping all … Continued

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