My World

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My world is inhabited by me, a husband and thirteen offspring. And I'm beginning to discover how very different this world is than "average-sized" families. For instance, the other evening my husband asked how the afternoon had gone (he'd been … Continued

Happy Birthday, Tilly

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 Tilly loves photography…I've been taking her on all of my newborn shoots for the past six months or so. She's my second set of hands. She used to carry around our old point and shoot digital camera snapping photos, until … Continued

Church Campout 2009

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Chuck and Avi This was our seventh year attending our church campout. As always, there was a little chaos, a hefty amount of work, and plenty of fun and memories for everyone. Click here to see photos from 2007 and 2008. … Continued

Evil With Good

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It's hard to know how to respond to a conversation like this: Enoch (9): Mom, I just called Judah a 'kind man of God' Me: Oh…why did you call him that? Enoch: Because he called me an 'idiot' Me: Soooo….why … Continued

Do You Realize…

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that school starts in just a little over three weeks? This little guy is very excited…and this mom is starting to sweat. Now granted, we homeschool, and in Washington state that means I can start whenever I want. I have … Continued

Dramatic Photography

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A few weeks ago my photographer friend, Emily Weaver Brown, asked if I would like to assist her with an upcoming twin shoot. Of course I was thrilled at the oppurtunity and Chuck encouraged me to go, knowing how much … Continued

So Thankful

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Please note: I am experiencing technical diffiuculties and Typepad is cutting off some of my photos. Please bear with me until I get it figured out. For the life I live. Raising my children will my hardworking husband. Yesterday the children and I spent all  day at the beach with friends. We laughed and joked and splashed and  talked. It started out … Continued

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