Homeschooling the Kittens

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Tucker, age 3 1/2 Our cat, Royal, had kittens a couple of months ago, and it's been a rather fascinating learning experience to watch her "homeschool" her kittens.  It started with the inevitable bringing in of dead mice. Dead mice … Continued

Praying For Owen

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Please continue to pray for Owen and his family. Last I heard there had been no change in his condition.  Photographer Emily Weaver Brown and I had a chance to go down to Children's Hospital yesterday and take some photos … Continued

Urgent Prayer Needed

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The following is a  comment left on today's post my a friend: Hey everyone – I have an URGENT prayer request! Kara W, a long-time friend of Renee & other Cub Scout moms needs PRAYER! Her baby boy was born … Continued


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  After much begging, coercing and snapping silly photos, I got one of Avi smiling her natural smile. Sure, her hair's a little wild and messy, but that's real life right now. She loves the camera, the problem is, she acts goofy the second I pull it out. I think … Continued

A Little Imaginative Play

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Darth Grave and Anakin fight…now, none of my children have ever seen a Star Wars movie, new or old. All of their Star Wars information comes from the Star Wars Lego Gameboy game and friends.  When I asked Enoch if … Continued

The Only Thing Cuter…

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Than a six year old missing his two front teeth… Is TWO six year olds missing their front teeth. Seriously, how cute is this?  These two are twins in all the ways that matter: same age closeness nursed by the same mama losing their teeth in synch both having their adenoids removed. Oh yeah. … Continued

The Shelter

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Have your children ever built a bomb shelter  in your backyard? Hmm…I kinda didn't think so. We actually had several in our backyard, but the others were *ahem* dismantled by the "little kids" before I had a chance to photograph them. … Continued

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