The Dentist

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Tucker, age 3 I had eleven of my children in at the dentist last week (and by the way- the dentist said our family was the poster family for the importance of flossing. He was shocked that none of the … Continued


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Today is Mordecai's seventh birthday. How can that be? I remember the sweet rollie-pollie baby he was when I first met him, October 1, 2002. He was four weeks old. He was pudgy, had a little mohawk of black wavy … Continued

Mount St. Helen’s

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Or not. Troop 3 (Northwest Washington's best Boy Scout troop) was scheduled to go camping on Mount St. Helen's yesterday, but one of the leader's got sick and had to cancel last minute. Long-suffering and heroic leader Bridget, saved the … Continued

Avi’s Tea Party

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Can you stand another post about Avi? We had such a funny incident yesterday I just had to share. Some friends came to play, and among them, one of Avi's "best friends"- she has several. This friend is over a … Continued

Funny Girl

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Avi, age 4 I'm part of a photography forum called, I Love Photography (or, ILP). Most days, along with reading my favorite blogs, I check out the ILP site. My children love to crowd around me and look at blogs, … Continued

Zoo Day

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Chuck's been working a lot lately, so when he had an unexpected day off, we headed out for a family adventure. Anyone care to guess where we went? Here, I'll give you a clue. Yes, off to the zoo, where … Continued

Cute Boys and Busy Schedules

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Tucker (3) and Hezekiah (5) Still dragging over here with the sickness that will not quite let go. I am trying desperately to plan and prepare for the new school year but life keeps getting in the way. Last week … Continued

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