Don’t Mess With My Kids

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The Spiderman Twins aka Mordecai and Jubilee (6) They're rather scary looking these days 🙂 Just look at these two. We were recently given a bag of hand-me-clothes from a friend, and inside were several pair of Spiderman pajamas.Oh, the … Continued

The World’s Meanest Mom

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Jubilee, age 6 Did you know I'm the world's meanest mom? Well I am, and I have proof. You see, I have these children. Lots of children.  And each morning these children are expected to do a certain amount of … Continued

Homeschooling the Kittens

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Tucker, age 3 1/2 Our cat, Royal, had kittens a couple of months ago, and it's been a rather fascinating learning experience to watch her "homeschool" her kittens.  It started with the inevitable bringing in of dead mice. Dead mice … Continued

Praying For Owen

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Please continue to pray for Owen and his family. Last I heard there had been no change in his condition.  Photographer Emily Weaver Brown and I had a chance to go down to Children's Hospital yesterday and take some photos … Continued

Urgent Prayer Needed

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The following is a  comment left on today's post my a friend: Hey everyone – I have an URGENT prayer request! Kara W, a long-time friend of Renee & other Cub Scout moms needs PRAYER! Her baby boy was born … Continued


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  After much begging, coercing and snapping silly photos, I got one of Avi smiling her natural smile. Sure, her hair's a little wild and messy, but that's real life right now. She loves the camera, the problem is, she acts goofy the second I pull it out. I think … Continued

A Little Imaginative Play

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Darth Grave and Anakin fight…now, none of my children have ever seen a Star Wars movie, new or old. All of their Star Wars information comes from the Star Wars Lego Gameboy game and friends.  When I asked Enoch if … Continued

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