Summer Days and Friends

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Collin (11) and Judah (12) Are these two guys cute, or what? Both boys are Civil War buffs, love WWII and are great buddies. You better lock this one up, Nikki, he's gonna break some hearts. And I'll keep an … Continued

Another Interesting Day

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But then again, aren’t all my days interesting? Tucker (3), me (33), Avi (4) and Hezekiah (5) After spending a glorious morning/afternoon chillin’ in my friend’s pool… Ezra (upside down) Boaz watching And watching my children attain new heights of … Continued

My Kids Are All American

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Keziah, Boaz and Ezra holding their proof of U.S. citizenship papers! It has been three years and five months since we began the adoption process for these three children. It took twenty months for them to come home, six months … Continued

Majors, Hawaii, and Other Things

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Mordecai, age 6   I loved reading all of the guesses about what I majored in in college. I got a kick out of the History…I hated History…up until I began homeschooling my children. I would say History came right … Continued


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Nothing screams summer like a little Slip-n-Slide action. Okay, that's not really true. You see, I grew up in Alaska, where going down a Slip-n-Slide in July would have been torture. While we lived all over Alaska, we never lived … Continued

Look What the Cat Dragged In

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I had no idea cats even ate frogs. Royal continues the education of her kittens, even through the summer months. And speaking of  kittens: This little beauty here needs a new home. She's two months old, dewormed and flea treated … Continued

Update on Owen

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Tucker, 3 1/2 Owen's life is truly a miracle. Here are two emails I received yesterday: Well Grandma Sally's exact words to me were "The prayers have worked and a miracle has occurred!" The results from Owen's structural MRI are … Continued

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