Blog Slacker

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Wow, what's with this blogging in the middle of the afternoon? Well, my children (and husband) have had crummies in their tummies. That's a euphemism for, well, I'm sure you can figure it out. And now that our homeschool is … Continued

Happy Saturday

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I've been staring at this spider for the last week as I've  blogged, so I thought I'd share it with you. Sorry mom. Off  to help with a joint garage sale on what will probably prove to be the last … Continued

School- Getting in Gear

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Tilly, Jubilee, Mordecai, Tucker, Avi Yesterday we had our traditional First Day of School Lunch. *I know, it was technically our third day of school, but yesterday was our first full day, we've been working up* Our first day of … Continued

Marine Biology

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A while back Judah (12)  told me he would like to be a marine biologist so he could be diver at the Seattle Aquarium. Perfect, I  thought, I guess his science class this coming year will be biology. Not too … Continued

Do you Believe in Miracles?

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Owen’s family sure does. This gorgeous seven week old baby was born dead, and resuscitated by his parents. He was rushed to our local hospital, then airlifted down to Seattle Children’s Hospital. He was declared brain dead and put on … Continued

The First Day of School

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Jubilee, age 6 Will commence in just a few hours. It will be a short day though. My Boy Scouts will be raising flags at 8 AM this morning, and I have a photo shoot with a very special baby … Continued

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