Meet Ari {Bellingham Newborn Photographer}

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I spent Saturday morning photography little Ari. Ari is his parents fifth son! Ari was three weeks old, which is older than most babies I photograph, but he was a perfect gentleman. Can you guess his Daddy's hobby? Facebook Comments

Could Somebody Please Tell Me….

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How it is that I can't find one pair of scissors in the house, but Tucker and Avi both can find scissors and give themselves haircuts?! Cause I'd really love to know… (No picture of Avi's newest haircut…because of her … Continued

The Prepared Environment

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Anyone familiar with Montessori education, will recognize that term. Having a "prepared environment" simply means having all of the supplies for learning set out so that a child can learn independently. Since Adalia was a toddler, I have sought to … Continued

No, I Haven’t Died…

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dropped off the planet, or broken my camera. In fact, I've been busy with my camera.  Taking photos for advertisements, like this: And photos for my church, like this: No to mention busy with the new homeschooling year. I hope … Continued

Tumors, Sores and Dead Bugs

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For the last six weeks or so, Kalina has had a small sore next to her left eye. It began as round red dot, which I  assumed was just a little cut. I didn't think anything of it, until I … Continued

The Five Minute Scrapbook Page

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I've been on a mission these last couple of days…to get my photos in albums where they belong. I've been crankin' these babies out faster than I can drink a cup of coffee. Grab the photos, cardstock, a piece or … Continued

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