Church Campout 2009

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Chuck and Avi This was our seventh year attending our church campout. As always, there was a little chaos, a hefty amount of work, and plenty of fun and memories for everyone. Click here to see photos from 2007 and 2008. … Continued

Evil With Good

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It's hard to know how to respond to a conversation like this: Enoch (9): Mom, I just called Judah a 'kind man of God' Me: Oh…why did you call him that? Enoch: Because he called me an 'idiot' Me: Soooo….why … Continued

Do You Realize…

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that school starts in just a little over three weeks? This little guy is very excited…and this mom is starting to sweat. Now granted, we homeschool, and in Washington state that means I can start whenever I want. I have … Continued

Dramatic Photography

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A few weeks ago my photographer friend, Emily Weaver Brown, asked if I would like to assist her with an upcoming twin shoot. Of course I was thrilled at the oppurtunity and Chuck encouraged me to go, knowing how much … Continued

So Thankful

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Please note: I am experiencing technical diffiuculties and Typepad is cutting off some of my photos. Please bear with me until I get it figured out. For the life I live. Raising my children will my hardworking husband. Yesterday the children and I spent all  day at the beach with friends. We laughed and joked and splashed and  talked. It started out … Continued

It’s Hard to be an Avi

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Avi, age 4 Remember Avi's ten minutes of terror, when she was locked in a bedroom…with me? And she screamed and yelled and clawed at the walls, climbing straight up and threatening "I'm gonna jump, I'm gonna jump"? Well, Avi … Continued

First Annual Birthday Bash

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Just some friendly faces. My friend Ruth, who has eleven children, started a new tradition this year. Instead of individual birthday parties, they had one huge party with games, a carnival, barbecue and tons of  friends.  Thanks Ruth, and see … Continued

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