21 Simple Activities to Engage Your Toddler

Moms don’t always have time and energy to play with their toddlers all day long and keep them entertained. This leads to fatigue and even depression, resulting in a bad influence on your other activities during the day. However, some principles would work over and over again, for engaging children in certain activities. After you get to know them, things will be much easier. You and your baby can both have fun! If you know what your children really love, it will take no time to get them interested in all sorts of activities, including educational ones. In this article, we will introduce you to the 21 activities that can engage your toddler and let you have some time for yourself. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

21 Easy Ways to Entertain Your Toddler

This list includes various activities for your kids to have fun. Most of them require assistance from you, but some can be done independently, depending on how old your kid is.

Play with colors

Kids are easily engaged with anything that is colorful.

Playing with crayons

You can give them crayons to draw on white paper to expand their imagination. Also, you can try flashcards and books with lots of colorful images to get their attention. They can both learn something and have fun at the same. This simple yet effective way has proven to work every time with kids from all over the world.

Planting Trees

This will teach your kids to love the environment as well as the world we are living in. planting trees

Go to the park

This is a great way to let the kids have fun in the playground with some new friends. Being exposed to the early Sun (7-8 AM) and breathing fresh air are some benefits of this activity.

Sidewalk paint

Another fun activity with colors. Let your kids be creative with water coloring, and you might be surprised to find he or she is actually good!

Painting sidewalks

You can also use colored chalk as an alternative for watercolors.

Water beads

I’m sure you must have heard of water beads. All kids love these little colorful poppable balls. You can find them at any convenient store. However, keep in mind that they are not edible, so you might feel unsafe letting your kids play with them. There is an alternative way to this - tapioca balls! You can learn to make these edible balls in just a few simple steps. Good luck!

Poms poms

You can make cardboard tubes from used boxes, tape them to the wall, and have your toddler drop poms poms from one end to another. It looks more fun than you think it is, especially for kids.

Tell stories

Kids love storytelling. You can tell them stories about what happened in the past, or about other cultures, world fables, etc. This is the best way to expand kids’ vocabulary while keeping them entertained.

Play with shaving cream

This fun yet messy activity will be sure to keep your kids occupied for quite some time. However, if your kids tend to put stuff in their mouths, I don’t recommend this activity since shaving cream is not edible. You can watch them play, though; but as a mom, I know you have other things to do too.

Playing with shaving cream

You can also try whipped cream as a replacement for shaving cream. They’re edible, and fun to play with!

Sit in the bathtub with stuff animals

The kids can sit in an empty bathtub with their favorite stuffed animals and let the imagination fly.

Melting ice

You can fill the ice trays with water, put a small toy in one of the cubes, and let your kids melt the ice. They will be blissful to find out that surprise you have for them.

Throw and stick

This is quite a fun game. You can tape your bathroom door with some tapes and let the kids throw paper rolled into balls towards the door to see if they stick.

Make bracelets

Make beads bracelet To do this, you will need shoelaces, colorful beads, or buttons. Have the kids pick out their favorite colors, and connect the beads and buttons using a shoelace. You can help them thread the end and done! - friendship bracelets for your kids and you too!

Count things

Your kids can both have fun and learn something by counting objects like cars outside on the street, or pots in your kitchen. This simple yet effective way has proved to work very well in helping children learn to count faster.

Make simple origami

A bird or a boat are some of the simple origami you can teach your kids to do.


This has to be the all-time favorite thing to play with, or at least for me, it was. Your toddler can get creative by shaping play dough into any form they want: a flower, a ball, etc.

Play with toys

Yes, it may leave quite a mess after they’re done playing, but it can keep your kids occupied for quite some time. You can sit down and join the games with them too. Games like building blocks or racing cars are so much fun when you’re there to participate and watch them from taking unsafe risks.

Classify objects by color

You should arrange small objects like Lego pieces, blocks, beads, or other little things like that and have your kids sort them out by color. Objects you can prepare

DIY crafts

This activity will enhance your kids’ creativity and carefulness. Materials like cotton, colored paper, markers are needed. Scissors can be included with your assistance.

Sing songs

Songs like ‘Baby Shark’ or ‘Johny Johny Yes Papa’ are cute and fun to sing out loud together.

Go for a walk in the stroller

Try point out some of the simple different things while having a walk with your child: birds, flowers, cars, etc. Sometimes a nice long walk is all you need.

Give snacks

Nothing tastes better than some cheerios for when your kid is bored. Sure, they’re not hungry; but who doesn’t like having cheerios?! They will love it! Read more: 9 Brilliant College Survival Kit Ideas

In Closing

All the activities mentioned above are fun and easy to follow. Your toddlers are sure to feel engaged, and at the same time, improve her/his ability to create, then fully develop what he/she is good at. What is better than learning through play?...

Medical Record Errors & How to Fix Them

Now you may ask what medical record errors are? Why does it matter? I am glad that you ask. But before we understand more about it, let's learn a bit more about the medical record.

What is a medical record? Do I need one?

Do you agree with me that no one ever lived healthily forever, we’ve got to get sick once at some points in our life? And when sick occurs, you already know what will happen next. If you only have some common symptoms such as flu or fever, you can visit a nearby clinic. However, if you contract some other serious illness (which I hope you don't), a hospital is where you will end up. But regardless of where you go, there will always be a record on every time you visit whether or not you need it. A medical record is essential because this is where a doctor uses to keep track of your condition and progression. This kind of document is called a medical record or also used interchangeably as a health record or medical chart.

Why there are medical record errors?

A medical history can serve several other purposes apart from tracking patients' progress. They can be used for such things as billing or medical proof as requested in some cases. Although the hand-writing record seems to be obsolete in this digital era, and a computer is a far better way to store information. Still, this does not make the process of recording less error-free. Believe it or not? Only people who work in a hospital will understand record keeping is not an easy peasy job at all. So how error occurs during the recording? There are many possible ways a mistake can occur in this process, either by a human or machine. For example, some clinics in the US use voice recognition software to digitize their patients' medical records. But guess what? Not all the time, a computer can make the right guess of the officers' dictation and transfer them correctly, which can lead to some misspelling mistakes. Doctors can also make mistakes sometimes too, of course, not during the surgeon processes, but later in a medical report. This sounds very unpleasant, but it happens very common, especially after a long shift. A computer system is surely a very powerful assistant. It can handle secondary tasks and leave a doctor more time with his patient, which is excellent. But do you want to hear my advice? No matter how effective it may sound, the more we rely heavily on technology, the more mistakes we found in the record. A medical record with wrong information is of no use and could mislead patients. This is why you should always check your health record, especially of your kids.

Common medical record errors you should check

Common medical record errors you should check When it comes to mistakes, they will never be the same. Mistakes happen for many reasons, from minor to serious ones. However, aware of these common errors can help you know where to check when receiving your medical record. And please take extra caution on this matter, not only for yourself but for your kids.

#1: Wrong information

This is the most common error in a medical record. Misinformation can be minor from wrong contacts, personal information to a more serious case, such as misplacing a patient's record in another one. You might think a mistake like wrong personal information might appear harmless, but when it comes to emergency cases when the doctor wants to contact a patient, you may rethink.

#2: Unorganized record

People may not only visit a hospital once but several times during his or her life. Especially when a patient carries some disease or cancer that requires a long period of treatment. The amount of medical record will grow in direct proportion over time, which cause a high chance of missing or inaccurate information. This will lead to a more complicated situation when that information are needed

#3: Misdiagnose

Among other mistakes, misdiagnose is probably somewhat the worst case. It happens when there is a delay or failure in treatment caused by mistake in medical tests.

How to fix errors in the medical report?

Checking errors in your health document could save your life. I am serious! Mistakes such as mentioned above can lead to an incorrect evaluation and treatment, which further complicate the condition. Let's take this as an example. Imagine a medical report of your kids has a mistake on their food allergy information. What worse could happen if you overlook it and feed them with the wrong food? To check your medical report for errors mean to save yourself and your beloved family members.

So how can I check my medical report?

In most cases, you have the right to ask for a review of your medical records and have them checked with all the doctors for errors. This is a very necessary step to do, and it won’t take you long. So please don’t be lazy for the sake of your health. In some places, there will be a form where you can fill out a request to fix errors in your medical document. And as far as I know, doctors or any professional cares must respond to that request in 60 days.

What if they ignore or deny my request?

Such a case can be further consulted with the state agency. And in the worst-case scenario, you can file a lawsuit to settle the issue.


A medical record is like a statement of your illness. Doctors will be mostly relied on that document to follow up with your condition and decide what treatment you may receive. A mistake in a medical record may appear small and harmless, but the consequences could be fatal sometimes. Now that you are aware of this issue, please share this article around so that everyone can understand and prevent such errors in their medical records....

Large Family Vacation Oregon – The Best Destinations You Need To Visit

Are you looking for a large family vacation in Oregon? Then you make the right choice. Oregon is a wonderful place with small towns, cities, and parks that not many people know. This is a cozy and peaceful spot for a whole family to go picnic, sit on the grass, enjoy food, juice, and breathe the fresh air. Sound interesting enough? Let’s find out the best destinations you need to visit for a large family vacation in Oregon.

#1. Crater Lake National Park

It is impossible to describe the beauty and magnificence of this lake, isn’t it? Look at this! crater-lake-in-summer If you don’t know, Crater Lake National Park is the deepest lake in America. Really? Yes, it is. Just look at the lake and see a deep blue color, which is the reflex of the sky. Marvelous, magnificent, beautiful, gorgeous, etc., are what you can describe Crater Lake. In common, we go around to seek the best spot to see the lake and make a camp. Fresh air, of course, wind, and clouds are all surrounding when you put your feet on the peak of the mountain. Can you see that island in the middle of the lake? It's called Wizard Island, and it’s actually a volcano collapsing a long time ago. One more exciting thing is that you can explore a wild forest surrounding the lake before you can climb to the top of the mountain. It’s also worth it. Beer, snack, juice, hot dogs, etc., let’s chill out with your big family and enjoy weekends or holidays with the view of the deepest lake in the USA.

#2. Portland food tour

Are you a “foodaholic”? If you are, then you cannot miss this place! Why restaurants with expensive dishes while we can eat everything outside at a very low price? Yes, we are talking about the Portland food tour in Oregon – one of our favorite spots when we visit this state. There are food tours by bike, van, and foot, but we suggest you should go on foot so that you can come to all the booths. The unique thing is that most sellers here are local and dress in hipster style. You will see no men in suit here; instead, beard men with headbands, t-shirts, and ripped jeans are there to serve you. The Portland food tour tends to be easy as it's suitable for your wallet, while there is various food your family can enjoy.

#3. Mount Hood National Forest

Though this is not a quiet place (four million visits per year), it’s worth coming around, hiking, biking, and camping in this beautiful forest. Mount Hood National Forest is especially a perfect place for a large family vacation in Oregon. First, it’s not too expensive when you go camping or stay in a lodge. Second, there are lots of activities for the family: biking, mushroom, and berry collecting, hiking, fishing, or hunting. Lastly, the forest is vast and immense that you can never explore it entirely. It sounds great, doesn’t it? Let’s make a plan for you and your kids right now.

#4. Mount Bachelor Ski Area

Mount Bachelor Ski Area This is an excellent choice for a large family who love skiing. Why? Because this mountain has the longest seasons for skiing in the USA, which lasts from November to the end of May. As mentioned above, not many people know Oregon as a tourist attraction, so Mount Bachelor often has the lowest price in ski seasons. Pine Mountain Lodge is highly recommended as it’s the superb full-service restaurant with a magnificent view of the sun over the mountain. What is more to expect?

#5. Cannon Beach

If you want to change the atmosphere, Cannon Beach is not a bad idea. However, you should be aware that there are not many stores and restaurants along the beach. This is not a resort, either, so prepare for your large family vacation in Oregon with a long walk, enjoy the sunset and the smell of the sea. There are just smalls coffee shops and pop shops near the sea for you to take a rest. Your family can also go swimming or build sandcastles. Let your children run, play, and swim without any worries.

Wrapping up

Now you know some of the best destinations for a large family vacation Oregon. As you may know, there are more attractions around this beautiful state, but first, let’s start with these destinations above and enjoy yourself. So, what is your plan? Let’s take a look back at the list and share your ideas now....

Top 10 Friendly and Easy Photo wall Ideas

If you are getting difficult to find an idea of a photo wall, this article brings DFY top ideas for you to choose from! With the advent of digital cameras as well as high-tech phones, we can easily own beautiful pictures every time in our life. But how do you store impressive photos that are exciting time than ever? The tradition of printing photos and keeping them in the albums or picture frames is gradually being phased out. Now, people want new trends for modern life, which are hanging pictures on the wall as decorating elements. To encourage people, this article comes up with the top 10 unique ideas to make your photo wall more beautiful.

Top 10 Ideas for Photo Wall

Following the big squares

photo wall idea The simplest way seems to hang photos as arrange them in large square frames on the wall. The symmetrical lines in the frame will create larger images that are more stylish and more attractive. But it would help if you remembered that all frames should be designed the same size to make it easier to organize into squares. Also, all the pictures should follow similar themes to create excellent effects for the frame.

Big Square Photo Wall

You can make your photos more visible by selecting photo frames with no border. Black and white images are suitable for this arrangement, especially in places with neutral colors.

Photo exhibition-style

This style involves placing photo frames of different sizes in different types of models instead of just hanging on the wall. You can set the most massive photo frame in the center, then place the smaller ones around but still maintain a reasonable distance between the frames. The perfect choice is black, white, and brown frames because they match the color of the furniture in the house.

Mosaic frames

Different from the above picture hanging style, the frames of different sizes should be arranged in a specific order, which will create squares or large rectangles on the wall. You can use images with many different themes, but it is best to have individual connections to create a more harmonious overall. The theme in the design of the room is a base for you to choose the right photos.

Spiral line style

With this design, the most important or the largest images should be placed in the center, then the smaller ones will be arranged around. You can set each image at an equal distance to create an order for the entire photo frame. If the center frame is larger than the other images, it will create more attention. That's why you should put the most important, most impressive photos here.

Fairy lights photo wall

Fairy lights photo wall This design will make your room look warmer. These fairy lights are not expensive but beautiful and suitable for children’s or teenagers’ rooms. It would help if you used some mini wooden pegs for a vintage look or colorful pegs for a vibrant style.

Put the picture on the bookshelves

Bookshelves are a great place to keep memories. So you can buy specially designed shelves for keeping the photo frames in it. You can also choose photo frames with different colors to attract attention. Or picture frames of the same color as the wall as they are attaching to your wall.

Style of ascending

That is a beautiful arrangement for hanging up your frames, especially if you want to place them on the stairs. Although the stairs area is not the ideal location for everyone to see your pictures, it is an excellent place to hang your family photos. While arranging in ascending stairs, sometimes you should do this in a separate room will be more impressive than leaving them in the center of the house.

Split photo wall art

This idea is unique. Let’s choose the photo you like best and split it into 2 or 3 parts (There are many photo apps or tools can help you split it free, you can search on the internet). The next step is printing them and hang them together. This photo style is often used in the living room to make an impression. But a notice for you that don’t use frames!


Those are my suggestions for your photo wall. Maybe it will help you in deciding how your wall is. From these ideas, you can create and change something to make your photo-wall more beautiful and unique....

How to Plan and Organize HomeSchool Year?

Today, in many countries, the government agrees for people to conduct home education and it becomes popular over the world. Online teachers, tutors, or even parents will be the conductors of homeschooling as long as they are able to organize it. If you want to establish your kid's homeschool year, you need to make a plan as you do for your career. It requires time and funds to set up facilities, invests in inventory, and schedule the way to go. This article will show you some guidelines that support you in making a plan to organize kid's homeschool successfully in a year.

Tips for Planning Your Homeschool Year

Here are some guidelines and advice for you to plan your kid's homeschool year. But you should know that although they are suitable for the plan, you still need to adjust flexibly with your situation. How to Plan and Organize Your HomeSchool Year

Evaluate last year

If your kid had previous homeschool year, classify what went well in the past year and what needs to be improved now. All these questions will help you determine the schedule faster. How long did she take to complete the goals? What were the reasons for the failure? Are there any activities that need to be removed to save time and cost? Is there something that needs to be improved to meet the goals better? However, if this is her first homeschool year, you should spend time considering your reasons for homeschooling and pray about how you can plan this year to be successful.

Set the overall goals

Whatever you do, you must know the purpose. The goal is a key factor for every success. That is the reason why setting goals is a necessary task in a homeschool organization. It would help if you answered these questions: Why are you doing this? What do you expect your ked to have after the course? You should write down the goals and stick them somewhere in your house/ So, you can usually see and follow them. Besides, it is necessary to classify academic and character goals for each of your learners.

Check Methods for Goals

Although you do not like to follow the rule, you cannot ignore it if you want your work goes into the way you plan. Choosing methods at the beginning is so important. A process is not the law, and it is like a monument helping you understand what you are doing for homeschool. What method will you apply? It depends on your knowledge. When you read and research more, you have more ideas for the ways to go. With the main goals, you divide into many small goals, and then establish the structure to get it. Perhaps, it is not required that you must follow the method tightly, you can flexibly change something if you need.

Plan the Course

It would be best if you decide how much you hope to finish and how many days you can spend on completing. Don’t plan in detail far ahead because you must be flexible to adjust to any situation! A course plan depends on students and real practice. But you cannot make sure how your student will be so far and how our life will change every day.

Set up Schedules

The schedule helps you see where to go and what to do. It may take time to set up, but you will go fast when you start. You need to build the schedule from overall to details. Annual Schedule Maybe it is hard to say about a further future but you need to know the goals for each term of time. There is an idea for you to remember the time to do the vital work. It is a calendar!. You should print it and fill in any dates and the time of any events. It will be chaos if you forget appointments and holidays. Weekly Schedule Please spend a day to make a plan for every week! Setting weekly schedules helps you determine small tasks, so you can move smoothly all the working days. Because you have all the units you need cover, you need to list what you’d like to plug them in. Daily Routine Every day, don’t work without a plan. In practice, you can flexibly adjust daily plan but only when you set it up before. A routine will not force you into anything but help your homeschool function more effectively.

Set up the rooms and facilities

To build a homeschool, you need to set up schoolrooms, and to organize the space for your stuff and your learners. Then you also need equipment and books for teaching. Firstly, you need to list all of the things you need and the extra things you want. Secondly, you find the suppliers from many different channels: friends’ introduction or the internet and compare the quality and price to choose the best one. If you have a limited fund, you should buy the necessary things in priority. The extra things can be bought later in the year when the fund increases.


In conclusion, a homeschool schedule need time to be improved to be perfect, so you need to work, learn and adjust all the time. To make a successful homeschool year, you have to set up a specific plan and determine the goals to follow. Hopefully, this article is useful for you and helps you to develop a great homeschool plan for your kid....

How to Make Freezer Meals the Easy Way

A ton of work is waiting for you on the desk, but dinner time is coming. You don't have so much time to prepare dinner, but you are tired of fast food. Your son and your husband need nutritious meals.

It's time to think about freezer meals. But how to make freezer meals the easy way? Luckily, I have the answers.

Let's find out fantastic kitchen tips together!

Freezer Meals in 7 Steps

#1: List the dishes

Of course, the first thing we need to do is drawing a list of what will your family eat the following.

Then write down the ingredients you need for those dishes and start to go shopping because you are going to make a large number of servings. You don't want to pace up and down for the missing ingredients.

Make sure you are getting a suitable balance of nutrients each day! And don't forget to buy the freezer storage bags.

#2: Preparation

After you've got all the things you want, let's prepare. Slice meat, trim chicken, peel vegetables, etc. and wash them out. Then put them into different dishes before we start to cook. It's great to ask for some help from your husband and your son. It would be a fantastic family activity!

Ham Broccoli Bake

#3: Cook the meals

It's time to process all your meals. With all the prepared ingredients, you can cook 2-3 dishes at the same time, if possible. Listen to some music while you are cooking!

Note: Do not overcook your dish or you need to reheat it before enjoying it.

#4: Let the dishes cool

This is a very important step. All the dishes need to cool down entirely before being frozen. If you freeze hot foods, the heat will raise the freezer temperature, which has a bad impact on the freezing.

Cool them down as quickly as possible. For the fastest way, you can put a pot of food into a vessel filled with ice water.

#5: Use the freezer-safe storage

Once all the dishes are completely cool, wrap them by the freezer-safe storage. It should be moisture- and vapor-proof.

Try to limit the air inside the wrapping as much as possible. With some food like meat, chicken, wrap them in foil before placing them in the freezer bags.

#6: Label the freezer meals

Don't forget to label the name of the dish, the date you do it, and the serving instruction as well. It would be like "Smoke ribs, December 20, reheat in the microwave.''

Why do we have to label? "To avoid mistake gravy for juices!" - my mom said.

And the date shows you how old the dish is, so you can balance your meals and avoid eating bad foods.

#7: Let freeze the meals

Put the wrapped dishes into separate layers, then freeze them. The best temperature is -18oC (0oF), which retains the best taste of the food. Please ensure that your freezing is not disturbed many times for food safety.

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How Long Can We Store Frozen Meals?

Although we can store frozen meals for a long time, the food eventually will still go bad. They cannot stay good forever in the freezer. If the dishes have any sign of spoilage, they should be discarded.

Some kinds of prepared meals, cakes, and bread should be used within 4-6 months. Sauces and soups stay best in 3 months. Meatballs, poultry in sauce, meatloaf can last for six months. Pizza dough, the homemade one, last for 3 to 4 weeks.

How Can We Thaw Frozen Meals?

For  safety reasons, you can follow some recommendations below to thaw the frozen meals:

  • In the freezer: This may be the easiest and safest technique. However, it takes a significant amount of time. For lunch, the dish should be thawed from last night. The freezer will keep the food at a safe temperature. Even after thawing, you change your mind to go out for lunch, the meals are still safe.
  • In the microwave: It is preferred to thaw some fruits or foods that you want to serve immediately.
  • In cold water: Remember to use a leak-proof bag. Then put it into a vessel filled with cold water.
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Making freezer meals is the best choice to prepare nutritious foods in a short time. These are some tips on how to make freezer meals the easy way as well as how to thaw them for serving. I hope that you can apply these tips successfully.

If you find this article interesting, please share it with your friend. For any contribution, feel free to tell us in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading my article!


How to Save Money by Keeping a Well-Stocked Pantry {Large Family}

You know, a pantry is actually a small room or closet which you can keep food, dishes, and utensils in. If you have one, I am sure that you can save plenty of time and money. However, Keeping a pantry well-stocked is not easy. Unless you follow suitable ways, it will take you more time. Moreover, sometimes you also have to suffer its inconvenience. Don’t worry! I will tell you 5 tips to keep your pantry well-stocked.

#1 Choosing suitable contains

food pantry There are a lot of kinds of pantries in the market. Also, their sizes are various for us to choose from. However, you had better take a suitable one. Your pantry should be the one where you can put all the food you want. Besides, it can not be too big or too small. If the pantry is much bigger than the available space, you will have difficulty arrange it in your kitchen. In contrast, if the cabinet is too small, there will be not enough room to store food. Of course, the choice is yours, but make sure to choose the cabinet which is durable and rugged. That is because an unstable closet will cost you more when it breaks down and you have to buy a new one instead. Remember “Good wood better than the paint”.

#2 Taking some plans

All we know that everything needs plans. Thus, a simple thing like having a well-stocked pantry is necessary, too. When you have a cabinet that is full of food, you need to know which one to eat first and which one to eat later. For example, you should eat raw food before it becomes spoiled and rancid and eat canned foods and dried foods later. This can not only help you make good use of food but also prevent the waste of food. Therefore, making an appropriate meal plan is a good way to save money. With a well-stocked pantry and your suitable schemes, your life will become more and more balanced. Once you have got a food cabinet, arranging food in an orderly manner is very important.

#3 Sorting food by categories

Once you have got a food cabinet, arranging food in an orderly manner is very important. This helps you find your necessary goods faster. You can try imagining a messy closet. If you have that one, you will have trouble to find something in your closet. Sometimes, it is quite time-consuming. It would be easier when you have a neat food pantry with labels showing each type of food. The way to do it is to arrange the same kind of food together, then you write each name of that kind on a small piece of paper and stick it on the outside of the cupboard. After that, every when you need the food, you just need to identify its category and find it in the right place. It helps you save your time. Moreover, your kitchen looks much tidier.

#4 Reusing your boxes and cans

reuse box and can In all the pantries, you can see many cans and boxes which are used to contain food. You can buy them in supermarkets, but it also costs a lot of money. Of course, you can buy them if possible. However, if you are having the intention of saving money, you should not buy these things. You can reuse your old boxes and cans after they have been cleaned. This way is very useful and environmentally friendly. We can protect the environment by limiting the disposal of plastic containers.

#5 Doing the clean-up weekly

Sometimes, the pantry becomes messy The most important thing you have to do is cleaning up your pantry regularly. To be honest, the food cabinet is used every day, so no one can make sure that it is tidy all the time. Perhaps you can see a mess inside. Oops! To keep it clean and tidy, do the cleaning-up weekly. When cleaning the pantry, you can also check your food whether it is damaged or not. It is the right time for you to throw the spoiled food and make room for the new groceries you are about to buy. If you want to save money, you had better get a pantry and make it well-stocked. With a food closet like that, your kitchen will become new and tidier and your food is also preserved better. I have suggested some tips to save money by keeping a well-stocked pantry. I hope this article is helpful to you. If you know some other ways or tips, please tell me. I also wrote some help on Managing Laundry In A Large Family. Check it out! Thank you for reading!...

Throw a Flippin’ Sweet Napoleon Dynamite Party

You intend to hold a Napoleon Dynamite party, aren’t you?  Well, we know it because you are already here, and don’t worry too much as we have some ideas for you.   A Napoleon Dynamite party is not hard to prepare, but it's a bit special, so you should refer to other parties before holding your own. What to do in the Napoleon Dynamite party? How to get well prepared for this? Who should join this party?  Let’s check out the best tips you need to know for the Napoleon Dynamite party 

The Food 

Well, make sure that you can handle the atmosphere and the game before deciding how much food you will need. Also, if you want to make all the food appeared in the movie, here is the list for you.   Tater tots, of course, are the easiest ones to prepare. Next is the corn dogs, which they were eating in the school canteen.   Want some funny moments?   Let’s try doing the same as “nerdy” Napoleon when he put all the tater tots of Pedro into his small pocket on his jeans. This is so weird and funny at the same time.   What else? Quesadillas and a cake with "Pedro loves Summer" words. These things cannot be missed as they appeared in the funniest scenes. “Make yourself a dang Quesadillas!” – Napoleon’s grandma got annoyed when he kept asking what to eat then.  

The invitation 

Of course, we cannot miss this exciting part of the party. For us, we prepare in the “old-school” way: handcrafted invitation cards with small drawings and words. However, if you’d like a widespread way, make a post on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and tag your friends.   Sound great enough?   Not yet. Remember to create a “super” attractive headline to get everyone’s attention. Don’t put on too many words. Make it as minimal as possible.   One tip here: invite your close friends first and get them into your preparation. They could bring additional ideas or get many friends of them to the party.  

The photo booth 

I mean, this is the most attractive feature in the party and reminds people of many scenes and quotes in the movie.   What to prepare?  Large background with golden or pink twinkle stars (of course for girls); a tripod; some highlight quotes in the movie.   “Whatever I feel like I wanna do, gosh!”; “Give me some of your tots!”; and more you can try to put on the background, or simply make small boards of quotes.  


There are two games you can hold in the party: drawing contests and Summer pinata. For us, we love Summer pinata the most.   Spend your time making a small pinata of Summer, hang on a tree in your garden (if there is) and get people around to watch. However, make sure to keep people a distance away from the pinata for safety and use a small stick to hit.   A drawing contest is not a bad idea. Most kids like drawing their favorite characters in the movie.  

Wrapping up 

Above are some small tips you could use when preparing a Napoleon Dynamite party. There are many ideas about the party, and all are easy to prepare. However, make sure you have these main parts: the food, the invitation, the photo booth, and the games.   Are you ready to hold the best Napoleon Dynamite party ever? Let’s share your photos and pictures of your party after you finish.  ...

How To Manage Laundry In A Large Family: Useful Tips And Tricks For You

Laundry. Large families. Need I say more? You’ve just finished the last load and POOF, more appear.

Obviously, it’s a never-ending battle. You feel overwhelmed when doing laundry in a large family, but you don’t know how to solve this problem.

Lucky for you! Today, we will share some great tips and tricks to help get your laundry done quickly in a large family.

Let’s get started!

Easy tips and tricks to manage laundry

Do laundry daily

It would be best if you can do laundry every day to stay the wash tidy. Do a load or two; it depends on how large your family is.

The dirty clothes won’t get overwhelming if they’re washed, dried, then folded, and put away daily.

Specify one laundry day in the week

If you’re too busy to do laundry every day, let’s choose one day in the week to do this.

Simply sorting laundry

You should have a simple sorting system like below:

  • Shirts together
  • Pants together
  • Towels/washcloths, pajamas and socks
  • Work clothes together

This system is secure for kids to understand and sort clothes.

laundry sorting

Sort by room, not by the color

Instead of sorting by color, usually darks and lights, you should sort by bedroom to save time.

This way helps you cut out two steps: distributing clothes by the owner and walking back and forth around the house to put them away.

Don’t wash what is not dirty

It would help if you only wash things that need to be washed.

Schedule a routine for your kids

Each child will have a specific day chosen to be their laundry day.

You should remind your kids to bring their dirty clothes to the laundry room the night before their washing day.

Teach your children to do their laundry

Teaching your kids laundry skills is also useful for them when they’re mature.

First, you should put a large laundry basket for dirty clothes in each room (Parents, Boys, and Girls)

Then you write out simple instructions, laminate the sheet, and attach it to the laundry room.

You will divide the kids by days of the week. For instance, the boys have Monday and Thursday, the girls have Tuesday and Friday, and the parents will be Wednesday and Saturday.

The oldest of each group is responsible for helping their younger siblings.

Each family member should have a different kind of socks

It would be better if you buy different brands of socks for family members to easily distinguish.

In this way, you will simply sort the socks without needing to figure out which kid owns those socks.

Having proper tools

Your life will be more comfortable if your laundry area is equipped with suitable accessories and tools.

Things you will need:

  • A table to fold dried clothes
  • A closet rod to hang garments or small items. If space is large enough, you should have an expandable shower curtain rod.
  • A white or chalkboard to write some notes on it.
  • Ironing board and flat iron - probably these two things are indispensable.

Fold clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer

Kid Fold Clothes

Let’s fold the clothes right after they’re dried to keep them smooth as well as make the folding process quickly.

Plus, let your kids help you fold clothes.

An interesting in a large family is the “many hands.” You’re like a team, so let’s work together to do faster.

Put laundry away immediately

Honestly, I advise you to give this tip a try.

Don’t put a new amount of clothes into the dryer until the last load is folded and put away.

Don’t put those clean clothes and walk away!

Make yourself as well as your family members have a habit of folding and putting clothes away before throwing the next load into the dryer.

Machine care

Besides, take care of your washers and dryers is also a necessary thing you should concern.

When you don’t use the washing machine, let its door open so you can prevent mold and mildew from forming.

Remember to clean the lint trap.

Maintain your washing machine once a month.

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Final Words

Well, I’ve shared with you some helpful tips and tricks for you to handle all of the laundries if you have a large family.

I hope that that information will be useful to you.

Feel free to ask us questions as well as leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!