Throw a Flippin’ Sweet Napoleon Dynamite Party

You intend to hold a Napoleon Dynamite party, aren’t you? 

Well, we know it because you are already here, and don’t worry too much as we have some ideas for you.  

A Napoleon Dynamite party is not hard to prepare, but it’s a bit special, so you should refer to other parties before holding your own. What to do in the Napoleon Dynamite party? How to get well prepared for this? Who should join this party? 

Let’s check out the best tips you need to know for the Napoleon Dynamite party 

The Food 

Well, make sure that you can handle the atmosphere and the game before deciding how much food you will need. Also, if you want to make all the food appeared in the movie, here is the list for you.  

Tater tots, of course, are the easiest ones to prepare. Next is the corn dogs, which they were eating in the school canteen.  

Want some funny moments?  

Let’s try doing the same as “nerdy” Napoleon when he put all the tater tots of Pedro into his small pocket on his jeans. This is so weird and funny at the same time.  

What else? Quesadillas and a cake with “Pedro loves Summer” words. These things cannot be missed as they appeared in the funniest scenes. “Make yourself a dang Quesadillas!” – Napoleon’s grandma got annoyed when he kept asking what to eat then.  

The invitation 

Of course, we cannot miss this exciting part of the party. For us, we prepare in the “old-school” way: handcrafted invitation cards with small drawings and words. However, if you’d like a widespread way, make a post on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and tag your friends.  

Sound great enough?  

Not yet. Remember to create a “super” attractive headline to get everyone’s attention. Don’t put on too many words. Make it as minimal as possible.  

One tip here: invite your close friends first and get them into your preparation. They could bring additional ideas or get many friends of them to the party.  

The photo booth 

I mean, this is the most attractive feature in the party and reminds people of many scenes and quotes in the movie.  

What to prepare? 

Large background with golden or pink twinkle stars (of course for girls); a tripod; some highlight quotes in the movie.  

“Whatever I feel like I wanna do, gosh!”; “Give me some of your tots!”; and more you can try to put on the background, or simply make small boards of quotes.  


There are two games you can hold in the party: drawing contests and Summer pinata. For us, we love Summer pinata the most.  

Spend your time making a small pinata of Summer, hang on a tree in your garden (if there is) and get people around to watch. However, make sure to keep people a distance away from the pinata for safety and use a small stick to hit.  

A drawing contest is not a bad idea. Most kids like drawing their favorite characters in the movie.  

Wrapping up 

Above are some small tips you could use when preparing a Napoleon Dynamite party. There are many ideas about the party, and all are easy to prepare. However, make sure you have these main parts: the food, the invitation, the photo booth, and the games.  

Are you ready to hold the best Napoleon Dynamite party ever? Let’s share your photos and pictures of your party after you finish.  


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