Large Family Camping Hacks

There is nothing more fabulous when you put away the electronics and step into a camping trip with your family for a few days.


You have a large family, and you feel worried about how to plan your trip effectively for many people.

Don’t worry!

We’ve found some useful camping hacks for large family that help you have more accessible camping trips and make them more enjoyable. Let’s check out now!

Camping Hacks For a Large Family

Create a packing list

Let’s make a packing list as soon as you start planning your camping trip and print it out then. This way will be helpful for your trip from the beginning.

Organize relating things in one place

This tip will help you identify items quickly.

For example, for cooking, it would be better if you store your kitchen supplies in one or some bins with lids and write the name of each item outside the bin.

Take the first aid kit


In your first aid kits, you should well prepare items you consider necessary and make sure your family members know the location of it.


Burn cream and lidocaine are indispensable things in your first aid kit.

Take glow sticks

Kids really enjoy interesting things like glow sticks. You can use these things in your tent because its light isn’t too bright for sleeping.

Plus, let’s hang glow sticks on dangerous things in the darkness.

Dig a small trench

To ensure your tent won’t be flooded if it rains heavily, I recommend you, around your tent, let’s dig a small ditch. This hack will create an outlet headed downhill, and rain doesn’t flow into your tent.

Prepare tarps

Besides setting up your tents, you also need to pitch some tarps. This hack will help you in a couple of different ways.

Suspending a tarp over the top of your tent will add some shades that help lower temperatures inside your tent.

Additionally, it becomes an extra layer of protection that will help prevent your tent from getting wet.

Plus, when the rain comes and lasts long, you can still have a fire and make some food without getting soaked under the tarp.

Use fans in hot weather and a heater in cold weather

The heat will be a problem when you go camping in warm weather. Bring tent fans to make your sleep more pleasant is a great tip.

Similarly, it’s beneficial if you have a small heater when you go camping in cold weather.

In case you can’t access to electricity, you can use a propane heater.

Be cautious!

Due to propane heaters can produce carbon monoxide, so don’t run the heater all night. Let’s operate it a little before you go to bed and when you wake up.

Prepare fire starters

Easily make your fire starters with laundry lint, newspaper, and toilet rolls. You will put the laundry lint into the toilet rolls and wrap it with the newspaper. Then twist the ends.

Hold matches with boxes

Keeping matches dry and clean by using old baby food containers.

Create a water jug light

To fill the entire tent with ambient light, let’s strap a headlamp to a gallon jug of water. It gives off as much light as your bedroom lamp.

You may also reuse milk jugs to create this.

Packing clothes

There are many ways to save space when you pack for your outside camping.

An excellent way is to pack clothes differently, put an outfit for each day together. Let’s roll it inside socks then use a rubber band to turn each gear.

When dressing, you just need to pull out a roll, and you’re on set. Easy for kids, easy for adults.

Organize kitchen supplies

A shoe organizer can turn into an outdoor kitchen organizer. This tip is a great way to contain a lot of things.

So with this hack, everything you need to cook and serve food will be right at your hands.

Make spice boxes

Large spice jars and bottles will make room, so you should reuse Tic Tac boxes to keep spices organized. Outside each box, you should stick the spice’s name to avoid misunderstandings.

Create a handwashing station

handwashing station

This DIY hack is so awesome!

To do this, you will use an old empty laundry detergent bottle, then fill the bottle with water. Then put a jar of liquid soap next to it.

Moreover, you can add a paper towel keeper to the top of the bottle so you can dry your hands conveniently.

Hold pans and pots

A belt and some hooks may work great to hang pans and pots when you go camping.

You need to wrap the belt around a tree, then add some hooks, so you already have a perfect place for drying and storing your pots and pans.

Store eggs and pancake batter

Eggs and pancakes are great for camping breakfast, and you want an easy way to carry them, let’s clean out a water bottle and put them in there.

When you need them, just pour your eggs or pancake batter out.

Waterproof your shoes

Use some beeswax compound to waterproof your shoes before you leave.

This keeps your shoes and your feet dry, preventing your shoes from getting stinky and ruined.

Prepare activity bags

When having nothing to do, kids are easy to get boring, especially when it rains, and they are stuck in a tent.

It would be best if you prepare some activity bags for them before you leave to ward off that boredom.

In Conclusion

Well, camping is the best way to make yourself and your family more comfortable and relaxing in a busy life.

I’ve given a list of camping hacks for large families and hope that they will be helpful to you.

Let us know your thoughts and if you have any other camping hacks or tips, feel free to leave them in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!

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