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Home sweet home 

The house only becomes dear to us when and only if it contains delicious food and is tidy cleaned. 

According to Wikipedia: “Cooking or cookery is the art, technology, science and craft of preparing food for consumption.” And yes it is, Cooking is the art of how you feel about the ingredients, how you seasoning it to the way you decorate it. When a dish is on a plate, whether it’s good or not is up to you. So, If you could keep things work at your home’s kitchen then you’re an artist and you’re half-way to a “sweet home”. 

Now is the time to talk about cleaning the house. In fact, there are many benefits to organizing your home or room. Certainly, after a day of hard work and stress, only 2 things you think of are a good meal and a smooth, tidy bed. We’re sure everyone enjoyed that feeling and it completely took over the other half of “sweet home”. 

This is a site that help you with all that. Roll up your sleeves and rush in. All recipes, how to make a family menu, useful tips for housework and etc, will be compiled by each topic to suit the people who care about the quality of their food and how to best manage their homes. 

I’m Magnolia Kris, I am a housewife. I aim to help you arrange the cleaning work quickly, fully and optimally to make you more comfortable and reduce the pressure of life.  

In every blog I want to receive feedback from you all to improve my ideas and content. Sincerely thank you.