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Meal Plans, Grocery Shopping, and a Large Family

What should we eat tonight? Does it sound too familiar for you? In fact, this is the most common question when it comes to deciding what to eat. Believe it or not? Meal planning has a love-hate relationship with most of us, especially when you are the only person who cooks in a big family. So, what I am supposed to do? I am so glad that you ask because, in this article, I will throw you some helpful tips that will probably save and make your life easier. Now let's started.

#1 Check your resources

The first and foremost thing is to check what you have in your cupboard or freezer. Trust me! I always found something that is already made or at least some useful canned food that can turn to a quick-fix solution. An opened pack of bacon leftovers in the freezer from a few days ago? Congrats! You are one step closer to your success. But wait! How about a few cans of baked beans or tomato sauce in the cupboard? Even better. The step of gathering all your sources can play an essential part in determining your meal plan, and more importantly, it will save you some bucks too. Read more: How to Save Money by Keeping a Well-Stocked Pantry

#2 Choose frozen or canned food

frozen food There is a premise that tinned food is not nutritional as much as frozen or fresh food, but this is proven to be wrong sometimes. Do you know that tomato and corn can release antioxidant under high temperatures, which makes them in cans a perfect source of nutrition? On the other hand, frozen or canned food is suitable for a low budget, and you also don't have to worry about them turning bad after a few days. But the most benefit you can get from canned food is their specific food portion in every package. Don't you think this will make your life so much easier while planning a meal size for the family members?

#3 Get them in bulk

The great thing when you cook a meal in bulk is that you can benefit from whatever leftover from that meal, especially when you need meal plans for a large family. Trust me! This saves me a couple of times when I totally run out of dinner ideas. Still don't get how we do it? Imagine you make a whole chicken for dinner, and that chicken is big enough to fill everyone's stomach on that day. But still, there are a lot more of it. What should I do? This is when you use that leftover chicken and come up with another meal the next day. If you buy only a chicken breast or drum, can you do that?

#4 Go green once in a while

Meat can get quite expensive sometimes, especially when your big family's favorite meal is beef or tuna. Here is my advice. You should try to go veggie once in a while. This kind of meal is not only very economical but also very healthy. And I am sure they won't complain over a large delicious pot of pumpkin or potato. If you like a healthy lifestyle, I have a guide for juicing called Juicing 101.

#5 Take advantage of a slow cooker

A slow cooker can is a great way to cater to every member of the family at any time they want. Believe me; there is so much you can do with a slow cooker. But first, you need to think of a meal that can go with this cooker for several days, then figure out an average portion for everyone. If you can do that, you are all set! Plus, don't you think that you can really save quite a lot of money instead of cooking 2 or 3 meals a day using different ingredients? I know that being a person who feeds the family never be an easy job. But if that's what makes you happy and cheerful, don't let anything stop you from doing that. I hope these tips are useful and inspire you to keep doing an awesome job. Please feel free to share the article around to your friends....

Best Way To Make Large Family Freezer Cooking

In the present age, with the introduction of refrigerators, cooking frozen foods for large families is very familiar. Primarily, it also plays a vital role in families with the number of members up to dozens of people. The dishes are processed and stored in the freezer. At the meal, they can reheat and use immediately; these dishes are still fully nutritious, and delicious. Now, freeze dishes are often familiar to many people. Here are some recipes for large families.

List Of Some Large Family Freezer Cooking

#1. Salad

salad Lettuce is a perfect choice for making up the portion of a large family. Only about 15 minutes, you can have a mixed salad platter with a variety of sauce recipes such as sesame sauce, mayonnaise, egg sauce, etc. All have high nutrition for the members of your large family. With simple tips by making salads in glass jars, closed it up, and you can preserve them in the freezer for up to 3 days. Sauces can add to the zip bag or glass box, the storage period up to 2 months. However, the delicious mixed salad shouldn't store frozen for more than five days.

#2. Pizza

Pizza is a favorite fast food for many people because it has many different flavors and suitable for all ages. With an oven and a little effort, we can have a pizza. It can be made available and refrigerated. Cold pizza can be preserved for a long time at 0-2oC in the refrigerator compartment (can be kept for 3-5 days). If you want to store longer can put into the freezer, with a temperature of about -35oC (Can be stored for three months). Baking Pis did for 7-10 minutes in an oven, with a temperature of 250-270oC.

#3. Spaghetti

Spaghetti is the famous Italian cuisine and is known for its high nutritional ingredients and fast processing time. You only spend time on making tomato sauce with minced beef. Then, put them to a zip bag or glass jar can store, good use within three days. It can't store too long in the refrigerator because minced beef will be disintegrated and harmful to users. To have a quick pasta dish for a large family, you need to take about 8 minutes to boil pasta, put the frozen sauce in the microwave to reheat, and spread the sauce on top that is ready to use for your large family.

#4. Bread

The best way to save time preparing a meal is by storing food in the freezer. Food stored in the refrigerator will be hard, but you can make them as delicious as they were at first. Moreover, the heating process makes the dough softer. Before refrigeration, put bread in the zip bag, squeeze out all the air before closing the mouth of the pack. If the food defrosts itself at room temperature, it won't taste good. Instead of that, we should use the oven or microwave. To defrost the bread, we can put it in the microwave, turn on high power for about 15-25 seconds, until the dough is soft unless you can use an oven at about 162oC for 3 minutes. Bread after baking can use with different types of jam, butter, or sauces.

#5. Soup

soup Soup is an excellent appetizer for every meal. Especially in the winter, a warm soup will make us feel good and forget the cold. Soup is easy to prepare and easy to eat. It's good for the health of people, especially children who are very interested in this dish. It is convenient that you only need to take advantage of a few simple ingredients in your fridge to cook a hearty soup. Cooked soup can store in the freezer for up to 3 months. To be used, the soup needs to warm up with a microwave oven or gas stove. Freeze soup is an excellent dish for generations of families.

#6. Meat

Meat is one of the familiar food at every family meal. Meat, including red meat and white meat, for example, pork, beef, chicken, contains a lot of nutrients, protein, and other beneficial compounds. So, it can be an excellent ingredient of a healthy diet. The cooked meat can preserve at the top of the fridge freezer during 2 - 3 months at the temperature under 0℉ (-18℃). Instead, you can leave the meat in the cold compartment but only lasts about four days. Meat-making dishes are varied, but you should limit frying and thrilling meat. Instead, meat should use to cook like a stew, boiled, or steamed dish, which is healthier and more natural to defrost.

#7. Fish

If you and your family like eating fish, maintain your eating habits because this is a perfect hobby. Fish contains abundant nutrition. In particular, fish is a good source of omega-3, a type of fatty acid that is beneficial for the body. But handling cooked fish dishes is always a challenge because fish is perishable. Instead of 2 or 3 days by storing in the fridge, grilled fish can be safely left in the freezer for up to one month in a case that your fishing dish must package with a vacuum sealer or zip-top plastic freezer bags. Remember, after had been cooked, freezing is vital to decide the long-lasting, delicious time of fish dishes. It is best to give it to the fridge within two hours. Ideally, as soon as it's cooled enough to package Tips: Pay attention to the preservation time of the dish; you can note the expiry date to avoid eating spoiled food. Depending on the type of food, you can choose appropriate storage tools such as paper box, plastic box, the plastic bag. Extensive family freezer cooking is a new direction for homemakers. Frozen does not mean that it is difficult to eat and lacks nutrition. With the dishes that we recommend above, homemakers will be easier to arrange a reasonable, fast, and convenient meal. Cooking for many members will become simpler. Good luck!...

Top 10 Friendly and Easy Photo wall Ideas

If you are getting difficult to find an idea of a photo wall, this article brings DFY top ideas for you to choose from! With the advent of digital cameras as well as high-tech phones, we can easily own beautiful pictures every time in our life. But how do you store impressive photos that are exciting time than ever? The tradition of printing photos and keeping them in the albums or picture frames is gradually being phased out. Now, people want new trends for modern life, which are hanging pictures on the wall as decorating elements. To encourage people, this article comes up with the top 10 unique ideas to make your photo wall more beautiful.

Top 10 Ideas for Photo Wall

Following the big squares

photo wall idea The simplest way seems to hang photos as arrange them in large square frames on the wall. The symmetrical lines in the frame will create larger images that are more stylish and more attractive. But it would help if you remembered that all frames should be designed the same size to make it easier to organize into squares. Also, all the pictures should follow similar themes to create excellent effects for the frame.

Big Square Photo Wall

You can make your photos more visible by selecting photo frames with no border. Black and white images are suitable for this arrangement, especially in places with neutral colors.

Photo exhibition-style

This style involves placing photo frames of different sizes in different types of models instead of just hanging on the wall. You can set the most massive photo frame in the center, then place the smaller ones around but still maintain a reasonable distance between the frames. The perfect choice is black, white, and brown frames because they match the color of the furniture in the house.

Mosaic frames

Different from the above picture hanging style, the frames of different sizes should be arranged in a specific order, which will create squares or large rectangles on the wall. You can use images with many different themes, but it is best to have individual connections to create a more harmonious overall. The theme in the design of the room is a base for you to choose the right photos.

Spiral line style

With this design, the most important or the largest images should be placed in the center, then the smaller ones will be arranged around. You can set each image at an equal distance to create an order for the entire photo frame. If the center frame is larger than the other images, it will create more attention. That's why you should put the most important, most impressive photos here.

Fairy lights photo wall

Fairy lights photo wall This design will make your room look warmer. These fairy lights are not expensive but beautiful and suitable for children’s or teenagers’ rooms. It would help if you used some mini wooden pegs for a vintage look or colorful pegs for a vibrant style.

Put the picture on the bookshelves

Bookshelves are a great place to keep memories. So you can buy specially designed shelves for keeping the photo frames in it. You can also choose photo frames with different colors to attract attention. Or picture frames of the same color as the wall as they are attaching to your wall.

Style of ascending

That is a beautiful arrangement for hanging up your frames, especially if you want to place them on the stairs. Although the stairs area is not the ideal location for everyone to see your pictures, it is an excellent place to hang your family photos. While arranging in ascending stairs, sometimes you should do this in a separate room will be more impressive than leaving them in the center of the house.

Split photo wall art

This idea is unique. Let’s choose the photo you like best and split it into 2 or 3 parts (There are many photo apps or tools can help you split it free, you can search on the internet). The next step is printing them and hang them together. This photo style is often used in the living room to make an impression. But a notice for you that don’t use frames!


Those are my suggestions for your photo wall. Maybe it will help you in deciding how your wall is. From these ideas, you can create and change something to make your photo-wall more beautiful and unique....

How to Save Money by Keeping a Well-Stocked Pantry {Large Family}

You know, a pantry is actually a small room or closet which you can keep food, dishes, and utensils in. If you have one, I am sure that you can save plenty of time and money. However, Keeping a pantry well-stocked is not easy. Unless you follow suitable ways, it will take you more time. Moreover, sometimes you also have to suffer its inconvenience. Don’t worry! I will tell you 5 tips to keep your pantry well-stocked.

#1 Choosing suitable contains

food pantry There are a lot of kinds of pantries in the market. Also, their sizes are various for us to choose from. However, you had better take a suitable one. Your pantry should be the one where you can put all the food you want. Besides, it can not be too big or too small. If the pantry is much bigger than the available space, you will have difficulty arrange it in your kitchen. In contrast, if the cabinet is too small, there will be not enough room to store food. Of course, the choice is yours, but make sure to choose the cabinet which is durable and rugged. That is because an unstable closet will cost you more when it breaks down and you have to buy a new one instead. Remember “Good wood better than the paint”.

#2 Taking some plans

All we know that everything needs plans. Thus, a simple thing like having a well-stocked pantry is necessary, too. When you have a cabinet that is full of food, you need to know which one to eat first and which one to eat later. For example, you should eat raw food before it becomes spoiled and rancid and eat canned foods and dried foods later. This can not only help you make good use of food but also prevent the waste of food. Therefore, making an appropriate meal plan is a good way to save money. With a well-stocked pantry and your suitable schemes, your life will become more and more balanced. Once you have got a food cabinet, arranging food in an orderly manner is very important.

#3 Sorting food by categories

Once you have got a food cabinet, arranging food in an orderly manner is very important. This helps you find your necessary goods faster. You can try imagining a messy closet. If you have that one, you will have trouble to find something in your closet. Sometimes, it is quite time-consuming. It would be easier when you have a neat food pantry with labels showing each type of food. The way to do it is to arrange the same kind of food together, then you write each name of that kind on a small piece of paper and stick it on the outside of the cupboard. After that, every when you need the food, you just need to identify its category and find it in the right place. It helps you save your time. Moreover, your kitchen looks much tidier.

#4 Reusing your boxes and cans

reuse box and can In all the pantries, you can see many cans and boxes which are used to contain food. You can buy them in supermarkets, but it also costs a lot of money. Of course, you can buy them if possible. However, if you are having the intention of saving money, you should not buy these things. You can reuse your old boxes and cans after they have been cleaned. This way is very useful and environmentally friendly. We can protect the environment by limiting the disposal of plastic containers.

#5 Doing the clean-up weekly

Sometimes, the pantry becomes messy The most important thing you have to do is cleaning up your pantry regularly. To be honest, the food cabinet is used every day, so no one can make sure that it is tidy all the time. Perhaps you can see a mess inside. Oops! To keep it clean and tidy, do the cleaning-up weekly. When cleaning the pantry, you can also check your food whether it is damaged or not. It is the right time for you to throw the spoiled food and make room for the new groceries you are about to buy. If you want to save money, you had better get a pantry and make it well-stocked. With a food closet like that, your kitchen will become new and tidier and your food is also preserved better. I have suggested some tips to save money by keeping a well-stocked pantry. I hope this article is helpful to you. If you know some other ways or tips, please tell me. I also wrote some help on Managing Laundry In A Large Family. Check it out! Thank you for reading!...

Throw a Flippin’ Sweet Napoleon Dynamite Party

You intend to hold a Napoleon Dynamite party, aren’t you?  Well, we know it because you are already here, and don’t worry too much as we have some ideas for you.   A Napoleon Dynamite party is not hard to prepare, but it's a bit special, so you should refer to other parties before holding your own. What to do in the Napoleon Dynamite party? How to get well prepared for this? Who should join this party?  Let’s check out the best tips you need to know for the Napoleon Dynamite party 

The Food 

Well, make sure that you can handle the atmosphere and the game before deciding how much food you will need. Also, if you want to make all the food appeared in the movie, here is the list for you.   Tater tots, of course, are the easiest ones to prepare. Next is the corn dogs, which they were eating in the school canteen.   Want some funny moments?   Let’s try doing the same as “nerdy” Napoleon when he put all the tater tots of Pedro into his small pocket on his jeans. This is so weird and funny at the same time.   What else? Quesadillas and a cake with "Pedro loves Summer" words. These things cannot be missed as they appeared in the funniest scenes. “Make yourself a dang Quesadillas!” – Napoleon’s grandma got annoyed when he kept asking what to eat then.  

The invitation 

Of course, we cannot miss this exciting part of the party. For us, we prepare in the “old-school” way: handcrafted invitation cards with small drawings and words. However, if you’d like a widespread way, make a post on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and tag your friends.   Sound great enough?   Not yet. Remember to create a “super” attractive headline to get everyone’s attention. Don’t put on too many words. Make it as minimal as possible.   One tip here: invite your close friends first and get them into your preparation. They could bring additional ideas or get many friends of them to the party.  

The photo booth 

I mean, this is the most attractive feature in the party and reminds people of many scenes and quotes in the movie.   What to prepare?  Large background with golden or pink twinkle stars (of course for girls); a tripod; some highlight quotes in the movie.   “Whatever I feel like I wanna do, gosh!”; “Give me some of your tots!”; and more you can try to put on the background, or simply make small boards of quotes.  


There are two games you can hold in the party: drawing contests and Summer pinata. For us, we love Summer pinata the most.   Spend your time making a small pinata of Summer, hang on a tree in your garden (if there is) and get people around to watch. However, make sure to keep people a distance away from the pinata for safety and use a small stick to hit.   A drawing contest is not a bad idea. Most kids like drawing their favorite characters in the movie.  

Wrapping up 

Above are some small tips you could use when preparing a Napoleon Dynamite party. There are many ideas about the party, and all are easy to prepare. However, make sure you have these main parts: the food, the invitation, the photo booth, and the games.   Are you ready to hold the best Napoleon Dynamite party ever? Let’s share your photos and pictures of your party after you finish.  ...

How To Manage Laundry In A Large Family: Useful Tips And Tricks For You

Laundry. Large families. Need I say more? You’ve just finished the last load and POOF, more appear.

Obviously, it’s a never-ending battle. You feel overwhelmed when doing laundry in a large family, but you don’t know how to solve this problem.

Lucky for you! Today, we will share some great tips and tricks to help get your laundry done quickly in a large family.

Let’s get started!

Easy tips and tricks to manage laundry

Do laundry daily

It would be best if you can do laundry every day to stay the wash tidy. Do a load or two; it depends on how large your family is.

The dirty clothes won’t get overwhelming if they’re washed, dried, then folded, and put away daily.

Specify one laundry day in the week

If you’re too busy to do laundry every day, let’s choose one day in the week to do this.

Simply sorting laundry

You should have a simple sorting system like below:

  • Shirts together
  • Pants together
  • Towels/washcloths, pajamas and socks
  • Work clothes together

This system is secure for kids to understand and sort clothes.

laundry sorting

Sort by room, not by the color

Instead of sorting by color, usually darks and lights, you should sort by bedroom to save time.

This way helps you cut out two steps: distributing clothes by the owner and walking back and forth around the house to put them away.

Don’t wash what is not dirty

It would help if you only wash things that need to be washed.

Schedule a routine for your kids

Each child will have a specific day chosen to be their laundry day.

You should remind your kids to bring their dirty clothes to the laundry room the night before their washing day.

Teach your children to do their laundry

Teaching your kids laundry skills is also useful for them when they’re mature.

First, you should put a large laundry basket for dirty clothes in each room (Parents, Boys, and Girls)

Then you write out simple instructions, laminate the sheet, and attach it to the laundry room.

You will divide the kids by days of the week. For instance, the boys have Monday and Thursday, the girls have Tuesday and Friday, and the parents will be Wednesday and Saturday.

The oldest of each group is responsible for helping their younger siblings.

Each family member should have a different kind of socks

It would be better if you buy different brands of socks for family members to easily distinguish.

In this way, you will simply sort the socks without needing to figure out which kid owns those socks.

Having proper tools

Your life will be more comfortable if your laundry area is equipped with suitable accessories and tools.

Things you will need:

  • A table to fold dried clothes
  • A closet rod to hang garments or small items. If space is large enough, you should have an expandable shower curtain rod.
  • A white or chalkboard to write some notes on it.
  • Ironing board and flat iron - probably these two things are indispensable.

Fold clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer

Kid Fold Clothes

Let’s fold the clothes right after they’re dried to keep them smooth as well as make the folding process quickly.

Plus, let your kids help you fold clothes.

An interesting in a large family is the “many hands.” You’re like a team, so let’s work together to do faster.

Put laundry away immediately

Honestly, I advise you to give this tip a try.

Don’t put a new amount of clothes into the dryer until the last load is folded and put away.

Don’t put those clean clothes and walk away!

Make yourself as well as your family members have a habit of folding and putting clothes away before throwing the next load into the dryer.

Machine care

Besides, take care of your washers and dryers is also a necessary thing you should concern.

When you don’t use the washing machine, let its door open so you can prevent mold and mildew from forming.

Remember to clean the lint trap.

Maintain your washing machine once a month.

Read further: Meal Plans for A Large Family

Final Words

Well, I’ve shared with you some helpful tips and tricks for you to handle all of the laundries if you have a large family.

I hope that that information will be useful to you.

Feel free to ask us questions as well as leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!