Whatcom County Staycation

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This week the stars have all aligned just right. By some miracle: nice weather came together with time off work for Chuck and Spring Break for the kids…what are the chances? Next to nothing. Chuck works in construction which means … Continued

Quirky Places to Visit in Bellingham

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Chuck and I moved to Bellingham in 1999 with three-year old Adalia, one-year old Judah and 6-month old Tilly. We had spent just under a year in British Columbia, Canada (where Chuck and Tilly were born) and were headed back … Continued

Love on a Mission {Part 10}

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From part 9: “Oh no,” I thought. “He’s crazy. He just got here. We haven’t even been out on a date! He’s a stalker. He’s not going to leave me alone. How and I going to get away from him?” —- The walk … Continued

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