Love on a Mission {Part 9}

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If you are new, click here to catch up on the story. From Part 8: “I just don’t understand. I told the guy exactly what make and model the Jeep was. I’ve replaced brake shoes plenty of times. These seem really hot, … Continued

Love on a Mission {Part VIII}

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  From Part VII…Then one day in November, I read my latest letter from Chuck and it was signed: Love, Chuck. —– Love, Chuck? Now that was intriguing. He had never signed a letter with “love” before. Snow, classes and work were … Continued

A Near-Cruise Experience

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This will likely be my last post about our trip to Oregon, even though I have scads of pictures (and stories)I haven’t shared. It’s gotta end somewhere, right? I realized one day on our sojourn, that camping is actually a … Continued

Fort Stevens with the Family

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On (I think) the second day of our camping adventure, we drove approximately 5,475.87 hours to get to Fort Stevens State Park. The kids of course wanted their picture taken in the bunker while they pretended to be in jail. … Continued

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