Barn Party 2015

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Saturday night was our church youth group’s Barn Party, held in, you guessed it, a giant barn. A giant chilly barn. I’m not sure why I was envisioning a barn being toasty warm on a  cold October night, but I … Continued

Willy Wonka Party {Roald Dahl}

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Post contains some affiliate links. Did you know that September 13th is the birthday of author Roald Dahl? I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that we threw a little party in his honor. If you’re not familiar with … Continued

21 Jumpstreet Party

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Warning: post includes some really cool ideas and a few Amazon affiliate links. A few months ago I bought the original 21 Jumpstreet series from Amazon and started watching it with our teens. I was happy to see the series … Continued

Super Bowl Party 2015

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I don’t like football. At all. Growing up my dad and brothers didn’t watch any sports on TV and I very carefully chose a non-sports-watching husband. But last year, well last year Tucker really wanted to see the playoff game … Continued

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