Tucker the Former Thumb-Sucker

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Tired of Tucker’s thumb-sucking, Chuck recently told him we would buy him a brand new bike if he would stop sucking his thumb…later that day I overheard Tucker telling Hezekiah  when he got his new bike he was going to … Continued

The LEGO Store

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Our other errand on ECHO day was a trip to the LEGO store for Enoch’s birthday. Enoch is a saver when it comes to his money and both sets of grandparents gave him money for his birthday, so he had … Continued

LEGO Organization Part I

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LEGO organization part one is in full swing over here. I spent my morning sorting, sorting and more sorting, with a variety of children in and out. This was my sons' idea, not mine, so I hope it will stick. … Continued

Legos and Clutter

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I had a blog reader ask recently how we control the clutter of Legos.  Legos have only been a hot item in our house for the last year or so. Before that the boys had a few odd sets, but … Continued

Legos…What Else?

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Check out this giant Lego man I scored for Hezkekiah at Goodwill. Not only does it have inherit "cool" factor, but it's also a flashlight. A wind-up flash light at that! Perfect for a six year old Lego fan and … Continued

Lego Wars

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I walked downstairs the other day to put Apollo down for a nap and stumbled unwittingly upon the Lego Wars… Five boys were well-armed and embroiled in a bitter battle…   There were an unknown number of casualties…and it looks … Continued

Lego Creationary

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When I saw the game Creationary at Timberdoodle, I knew it was a must for my Lego-crazed children! Unfortunately the description on the box didn't make it any too clear about how you play the game, so I wasn't exactly … Continued

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