My World

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My world is inhabited by me, a husband and thirteen offspring. And I'm beginning to discover how very different this world is than "average-sized" families. For instance, the other evening my husband asked how the afternoon had gone (he'd been … Continued

Evil With Good

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It's hard to know how to respond to a conversation like this: Enoch (9): Mom, I just called Judah a 'kind man of God' Me: Oh…why did you call him that? Enoch: Because he called me an 'idiot' Me: Soooo….why … Continued

It’s Hard to be an Avi

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Avi, age 4 Remember Avi's ten minutes of terror, when she was locked in a bedroom…with me? And she screamed and yelled and clawed at the walls, climbing straight up and threatening "I'm gonna jump, I'm gonna jump"? Well, Avi … Continued

The Shelter

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Have your children ever built a bomb shelter  in your backyard? Hmm…I kinda didn't think so. We actually had several in our backyard, but the others were *ahem* dismantled by the "little kids" before I had a chance to photograph them. … Continued

Household Hazards

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Avi is an early riser, and this morning she was bouncing around my bed at 5AM, kicking the walls, talking, singing, poking, prodding. I got up at six and we headed to the dining room where Avi occupied herself with … Continued

Talking with Tucker

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Last night as Tucker (3) was playing with legos, he kept holding up pieces and asking which was my favorite. They were identical figures he had made in different colors. Every time he’d hold one up, I choose one. But … Continued

Homeschooling with Toddlers

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Originally posted March 2009 Yesterday during school, one of my children ran into a word they didn’t know: “eliminate”. I explained the meaning, and made a mental note of it. I’ve always put a high priority on vocabulary since language … Continued

Random Quote

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Adalia (13): Mom, I have a sore throat… …I've been barking and growling too much.

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