It’s the Thought That Counts…Right?

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It’s the thought that counts. I think. The other day, a certain brown-eyed seven-year-old approached me and said, “Mom, I made this for you.” In his hand was a construction paper turtle. What mother’s heart doesn’t warm up when her … Continued

The Best Kombucha Ever: A Summer Camp Tale

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It’s been hot here. Sweltering, really. Not only have we had an amazingly dry, sunny summer but wildfires from British Columbia have been filling our area with a smoky haze. We’ve been enjoying our hot summer, but it also means … Continued

Some Things Are Just a Bad idea

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Some things are just a bad idea and the sooner we all decided to admit to that the better.  And a bad idea is a worse idea in a large family. Let me explain. Just yesterday, as I spent some … Continued

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