Off To the Show

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Jubilee and Mordecai, six years old We're leaving in ten minutes for The Princess and the Pea. I am feeling marginally better from yesterday. Will be back to my regular blogging schedule soon…

Homeschooling the Kittens

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Tucker, age 3 1/2 Our cat, Royal, had kittens a couple of months ago, and it's been a rather fascinating learning experience to watch her "homeschool" her kittens.  It started with the inevitable bringing in of dead mice. Dead mice … Continued

A Little Imaginative Play

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Darth Grave and Anakin fight…now, none of my children have ever seen a Star Wars movie, new or old. All of their Star Wars information comes from the Star Wars Lego Gameboy game and friends.  When I asked Enoch if … Continued

Actual Rafting Photos

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Taken by my friend Bridget…who has a camera and lens that work! Everyone should have a friend like that.     Boaz, 14   Ezra, 17 Judah, 11 And that’s the end of the rafting trip photos. I promise 🙂

Wenatchee River Rafting Pt. 2

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Our Boy Scouts were busy almost every minute. When we arrived they set up their campsites, were responsible for all their own cooking, stayed up late around the campfire on Friday,  went on a six mile hike on Saturday and … Continued

Wenatchee River Rafting

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Our boys’ Boy Scout troop invited the Webelos and families on their annual river rafting trip down the Wenatchee River (only our Boy Scouts went rafting, not our family- we just camped). Each troop is broken down into patrols, and … Continued


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Monday night was Enoch and Mordecai's big crossover meeting for Cub Scouts. Crossover is when the boys "crossover"  to their new level in scouts.  Enoch crossed over from Bear to Webelos. Mordecai went from Tiger to Wolf. Enoch is very … Continued

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