Marine Biology

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A while back Judah (12)  told me he would like to be a marine biologist so he could be diver at the Seattle Aquarium. Perfect, I  thought, I guess his science class this coming year will be biology. Not too … Continued

The First Day of School

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Jubilee, age 6 Will commence in just a few hours. It will be a short day though. My Boy Scouts will be raising flags at 8 AM this morning, and I have a photo shoot with a very special baby … Continued

Mount St. Helen’s

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Or not. Troop 3 (Northwest Washington's best Boy Scout troop) was scheduled to go camping on Mount St. Helen's yesterday, but one of the leader's got sick and had to cancel last minute. Long-suffering and heroic leader Bridget, saved the … Continued

Zoo Day

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Chuck's been working a lot lately, so when he had an unexpected day off, we headed out for a family adventure. Anyone care to guess where we went? Here, I'll give you a clue. Yes, off to the zoo, where … Continued

Homeschooling Thoughts

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Hezekiah, age 5 I've been getting a ton of emails lately asking about homeschooling and questions about how we utilize the Montessori method in our home. At the moment, I am scurrying around making plans, researching and organizing for our … Continued

Time Soldiers

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Have you ever heard of this series of books?  They're pretty hokey, but my children sure love them. The children in the books travel through a time portal in the woods and have adventures in history. I suppose my children … Continued

The Princess and the Pea

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I was a proud Mama yesterday as I sat and watched three of my daughter's perform in Missoula Children's Theater's production of The Princess and the Pea. All three girls did a great job. They performed twice, once in the … Continued

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