Where There Are No Oxen the Crib is Clean

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I’m a big fan of Proverbs 14:14: Where there are no oxen the crib is clean but much increase is by the strength of the ox.

My crib isn’t clean, people. Nor is my laundry room, bathroom or my life.

We have holes in the walls and dirty laundry.

And plenty of (proverbial) oxen.

Don’t get me wrong. Some parts of my house are clean. At the moment the kitchen is clean (I haven’t started dinner yet). The living room is clean (because the kids are still at school).

But my life? It’s messy. 

In spite of that, I am determined to capture the beauty of family life with my camera.

To treasure these days and store up happy memories.

Apollo has reached that magical stage of childhood called I can read independently.

If you’re a mom, then you understand this is pure magic. 

Okay, so he’s using a Kindle Fire in this picture.  But that is because I purchased it and the headphones to review. But I haven’t actually written the reviews yet. Probably in large part due to the fact that my allergies are killing me.

Foggy head, burning eyes, daily headache.

Spring. My second favorite time of year, right behind summer.

But spring, why must you come with allergies? The whole seasonal allergy thing is new to me. Ten years ago I didn’t have allergies. Now, they are my Achilles heel.


Anyone have a brilliant cure for seasonal allergies? I have tried allergy medicine and local honey…

So here’s to all of you perfect moms, not so perfect moms, and moms with messy lives.

Enjoy your kids. And your pets. Work hard, but play hard too.

We’re all in this together.

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  1. Allergy shots were the best thing I ever did for my health. It takes a couple *years* to really feel it’s working but I went from constant illness to dropping three daily expensive medicines to one .

    In the meantime :
    An air cleaner in the bedroom helps a lot. It gives your body a break from the inflammatory input of the allergens, which makes your waking hours easier. Daily omega 3 supplements also help lower your body’s inflammation.

    My mother doesn’t have true Celiac Disease but finds eating gluten makes her allergies much, much worse so it’s possible a dietary trigger may be at work too.

    Showering before bed to wash allergens off can help to. I do this with Jasper who has allergies and asthma. An allergy shield for mattresses is a good idea too. Asthma and Allergy Tech make great products.

  2. My son gets allergy shots. It has helped, but it’s a long process. I have had a lot of success going to my chiropractor. I went for neck pain, never expecting allergy relief. But ever since starting, my allergies have become almost non existent. And I live in Oklahoma!

  3. Same as you Renee, I never had allergies until about 12 years ago after a massive re-modeling of kitchen and new carpet. Now, it’s constant sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes. It has tapered off in the last couple of weeks, but March and most of April were almost unbearable. I have a case of tissue right next to my desk and have used up half of them. Took a whole box of tissue with me to my brother’s house at Easter for dinner. I”m not proud…LOL. I’ve found that a nose spray works well, but it takes a few weeks to really become effective.

  4. I’m the same with allergies. Local honey did nothing. My doctor friend says it’s all about staying on top of the nose. So I use a preventer nasal spray every day and when it’s bad preventer eye drops.

  5. My allergies pretty much went away when I went gluten free. I don’t know if I have an actual gluten allergy or why it happened, but I’m thrilled. I hope you can find relief.

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