Pancakes for Dinner?

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I know what you’re thinking…whatever could have happened to my very favorite blogger, Renee? Did she die? Move to New Zealand? Stop drinking coffee?

Ah, none of the above, my dear friends.

I’ve been busy caring for my sick husband. Chuck has an infection that is being treated with antibiotics and we are trying to manage his pain with round the clock painkillers. I am driving him to his appointments and trying to keep him comfortable. Yeah, it kind of sucks. For him, that is,  I am happy that I am home and available to care for him.

Meanwhile, five days off of school last week wasn’t enough so of course, the kids have a four day weekend!

And those make-up days I was worried about? The district has decided to just add the six days (one from December) to the end of the school year. My kids’ last day will now be June 23rd (instead of June 15th).  And yes I may have cried a bit. I love summer and I love spending summer with my kids…but, that’s life, so I’ll gird up my loins like a man (to quote the book of Job).

But, hey, look! I still have these beautiful brown eyes to gaze into.

Apollo was reading the writing on my lens which says, of course, Canon. His reading is really exploding…it’s such a fun time when a child learns to read. His recognition is growing by the day. He now reads signs we drive by and pages of the books I am reading out loud to him. As my last child am enjoying every milestone (see the two adult teeth growing in?) while simultaneously mourning his growing up. Apollo was a sick baby and toddler who slept poorly and rarely gave me a break…but now he is growing up.

And it makes me equal parts happy and sad.

Mothering can be so complicated sometimes.

Grocery shopping and laundry have taken a back burner to Chuck’s health issues…but I am working on some fun posts coming up including one where I show you how to prep a week’s worth of meals in a morning (or afternoon). Which I really need to do since we are out of, well, pretty much everything.

Pancakes for dinner, anyone?

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  1. My kids and I do pancakes once a week for dinner, which is our lunch! Add bacon and fruit and you can totally dinner it for reals. I hope Chuck is well soon!

    • My kids are bottomless pits of hunger…but they *do* think pancakes for dinner are fun!

  2. Laurie Jo-Ann Geschke

    Occasionally when our kids were younger we would have waffles with berries and ice cream (or whipped cream) for supper. It was a real treat for all of us — home made waffles hot off the iron. Yum.
    I tried to create some cachet to what was originally going to be a ho-hum dinner one night by telling the kids not to tell their friends because we were having dessert for dinner. Somehow, the dinner police, who enforce the rules about meat and potatoes being mandatory faire in the evening meal, would be vexed if they found out our family was make such a grave meal faux pas! It was great fun.
    In the ensuing years since they’ve grown up and some have moved away, three of the four kids have reminisced about those secret “illegal” waffles-‘n’-berries-‘n’-cream dinners being some of their most favourite memories of their childhoods.
    Keep up the good work with the pancakes, Renée!

    • I love those fun memories! Chuck still talks about the night it was so hot his mom cut cantalope in half and served it with a scoop of ice cream. For DINNER!

  3. Vivian Powell

    My grandson grilled deer steaks. His deer. Yum

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