DIY Projects: Brilliant or Crazy?

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DIY Projects: Brilliant or Crazy? Help me decide.

So, I basically pulled an all-nighter last night (the doctor sent my poor, sick hubby to the ER) because nothing screams “Happy 16th Birthday Kalina!” like leaving her in charge, last minute, to make dinner for her younger siblings…

But now my mind is running wild (and I haven’t even broken out the sugar-free Red Bull I have hidden away).


My office, where I run both this blog, Large Family Reviews and Little Earthling Photography in is in our playroom. The very same playroom that contains our 17 million LEGO bricks, our one and only TV, Spartacus the guinea pig, and the majority of our books. So, as you can imagine, it’s’ basically the perfect work environment.

The only not perfect part? My desk. It is big, beautiful and hand-crafted. I just don’t like the way it looks or works as my office. But Mordecai? He wants it in his bedroom. Which would be totally fine with me except I need a desk for my computer.

That led to a Craigslist search for mid-century furniture. Cause I love mid-century.

That led to Amazon. And then I started thinking, “I really need a standing desk”. You know, for my health.

Googling “mid-century standing desk” let to a link on Etsy (I love Etsy). I found some simple, beautiful desks but man are they expensive.

That led to searching Pinterest for “DIY standing desk“.

Which led to fantasies of a clean, crisp workspace (you know how I feel about clutter).

So…what do you think? Can I build a standing desk? By myself with (Enoch’s help)?

I mean, I did repaint these old metal lockers myself. It’s one the projects I’m most proud of.

I’d love a very basic standing desk with a few floating shelves above it. Or industrial shelves. Not necessarily mid-century, but better than what I have now.  This looks like something I could manage

I also realize I am suffering from some serious sleep deprivation at the moment and can’t possibly be trusted to make any decisions. Or handle power tools. Or kitchen appliances <—-hey, it was worth a try.

So what do you think? Should I redesign and attempt to build a new work station? Or should I try to go to bed early and stick to taking pictures?

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  1. Vivian Powell

    Yes you can do it.i love the simplicity. Definitely will need shelves or baskets something to keep yourself organized.

  2. Yes, you could easily do this! The iron pipe isn’t cheap, but it lasts forever. Maybe a piece of butcher block from ikea for the top? No sanding at all, and it would be beautiful… Good luck 🙂

    • We aren’t particularly close to an Ikea. I didn’t figure the piping would be cheap…but durable and something I can do myself.

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