5 Things I Am Not Good At

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Hey, I am sure this will come as a surprise to you but I am not good at everything. Shocking, I know. Today I delve deep into the depths of my sleep-deprived, sinus infected brain to share with you 5 things I am not good at. All I need in return is for you to commiserate and confess your deepest failings to me. Deal?


Things I am not good at.

5 Things I am Not Good At

1. Making phone calls.

Good thing I own a business, right?

I’m fine with answering the phone. I’d even say I do a decent job of talking on the phone. But picking up the phone and making a call? I will put that off until the last possible moment. I will delay a call for days…or even months. Chuck hates making phone calls too, so he leaves them to me. Which kind of sucks. But since he’s busy at work all day, killing it so we can get rich, I can forgive him this fault.

2. Listening to my kids whine.

I’ve said it to my kids and I’ll say it to you…no one likes a whiner. And guess what? The older I get the less I can tolerate it. Pain and suffering for a genuine reason? Recovering from a nasty staph infection? Sure, I’ll snuggle with you all day long. Whining because you can’t watch a movie? Or because your sock is red? Or the sky is blue? Ain’t nobody got time for that and I am way too old to deal with it.

3. Doing only one thing at a time.

Friends, I have been a mom for twenty long years. Multi-tasking is what moms do. Even though science says it’s bad. Even though I long to do one thing at a time. I can’t. I am pulled in a million directions at once. I have breastfed on the toilet. I have talked the principal of my kids’ school while at a birth. I have cleaned up poop while talking to an adoption worker on the phone. I’ve been late to two appointments. To the same doctor. On the same day. 

4. Finishing projects.

Refer to item 3. I will say, however, I am three days into my 2017 365 project and I have a perfect record so far. So, go me!

5. Hugging.

I’m not a hugger. I love you, but let’s keep our distance. I am wildly affectionate to my babies and kids (as long as they are smaller than me). People my own size? There is something called personal space. Let’s keep it. I don’t want to hug my midwife. Or my pastor. Or my pastor’s midwife. Or the checker at the grocery store or even my own mom. Sorry, I can’t help it. Hugs to me are not a sign of affection…they are an invasion of space. 

So tell me, is there anything you are not good at?

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  1. Things I am not good at:
    1) Taking care of myself (was reminded of this while my husband super-glued the cracks in my toes last night – is foot cream hard to put on?)
    2) playing games – I will feed you, chauffeur you, do your laundry – but it takes about 3 days of vacation before I’m ready to engage in a game (working on it 🙂
    3) moderation – (I’m either eating all the sugary things or very low carb – I’m either working on projects 8-12 hours a day or doing the bare minimum to keep the house running)
    4) and yes, talking on the phone (texting is so much easier!)

  2. I also struggle with making calls as well as answering my phone.

    I don’t mind doing laundry and folding it. Putting it away however is like torture. I just can’t. I’m the same with dishes.

    • I don’t mind answering the phone. I LOVE laundry, but don’t love the putting a way. And I agree with dishes as well, putting them away is the worst part.

    • I turned over the duty of putting their laundry away to my kids. Does it get put away, sometimes. Do I look, nope. Unloading the dishwasher is my teens job (I still do it too but if he’s home and it needs to be unloaded I make him). I will wash dishes all day long though. And, my own clothes and my husbands clothes get put away about 50% of the time and there other 50% we are getting dressed out of the laundry basket.

  3. Things I am not good at: 1. Organizing kids parties. My newly 16 year old deserves a party, even an epic one! 2. Making phone calls for the non-profit that I am the executive director of. Not good. I’m trying though! 3. Self care. I’m falling apart!

    • I am definitely good at organizing parties. You know how I feel about the phone…and self-care? Rarely, rarely happens here 🙁

  4. Kara Wyandt

    Whenever people see how many kids I have and hear the we homeschool, they always comment about how patient and organized I must be. Um, nope and nope! I have gotten a little better on the organization thing over the last 20 years, but patience is still lacking.

    • That’s funny because I’ve known you for a long time and I consider you both patient and organized!

  5. nancy from mass

    1. Hiding my true feelings. I have been told that I would be a great spy….i take secrets to the grave…but….if i don’t like you, trust you, believe you…it is ALL OVER MY FACE. Theres’ no hiding it.
    2. letting go of ‘craft’ supplies. like needleworking type stuff. quilting fabric, aida cloth, embroidery floss, yarn. i have bins (although they are small) everywhere and it pains me to get rid of any of it.
    3. Following through….”no going out until you clean your room and no, I won’t give you any money. you have to get a job” ten minutes later, “hey, can you run to the store for me and get xyz”. And then it’s usually followed up with “here’s the money to buy xyz and here’s some extra for you”. oops
    4. keeping the house dusted. Yes, i’m the lady running around 5 minutes before you show up swiffering and blowing the dust off the mantel. my house isn’t dirty, i just have a cat and a fireplace that creates more dust than i have time to clean up.
    5. balancing my checkbook. yes, i know roughly how much i have available at all times, i just don’t take the time to write in stuff that isn’t a check or match it to my statement (that i don’t even view online).

  6. Corrie Sandefer

    1.Wearing nice shoes. Crocs have spoiled me forever.
    2. Being outside. Inside is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. What could be better?
    3. Stopping in the middle of a good book. What, you want dinner?
    4. Getting up after sitting down in the evening.

  7. I hate making phone calls… I’ll text or email. I think I’m afraid I’ll say “I love you” before I hang up since I mostly just talk to my family on the phone.

  8. 1. Cooking
    2. Cleaning
    3. Staying on task
    4. Following through to completion.

    Why do I have eight kids? And homeschool? sigh…

  9. Maria Holmes

    Just 5 huh? I can think of many things that I fall short of, hahaha.

    1: I am a multi Tasker too…but my weakness is completing all the tasks I started. It usually takes me several days to complete whatever the task is.

    2: doing chores that I hate. If you know me…I always have two chores that never seem to be finished. Doing laundry and doing the dishes. Nope. I think it is because I have to sit in one place….i am a mover. Just keep keep swimming, just keep swimming. But I have to confess, when I am ready to sit still….i don’t want to move for nothin’.

    3: organization. Here is the thing. Getting started on a project is the hardest thing for me. I am the person who will be kicking and screaming the whole way and digging my heels in the dirt….BUT once actually get going….I can’t stop. Move over people, I am on a MISSION!!

    4: Cooking. Ok, so my husband is a professional chef. Why do I need to learn or compete against that?? I don’t. Pb& j, grilled cheese, quesadillas, tacos and spaghetti. Those are mom’s specials…and all I really make.

    5: taking care of myself. I use to be a nurse….and I hear we can make some of the most difficult patients. I will take care everyone around me 110% until I am blue in the face….but if I am hacking up a lung and actually turning blue in the face, well…just shake it off and take a hot shower. I have things to do people!!! Or taking the time to get exercise….all of a sudden I am too tired…and hungry.

    • Maria Holmes

      Did I mention I was also ADD??? That could be my downfall on a few of those….squirrel!!!

  10. 1. Setting boundaries.
    2. Enforcing boundaries.
    3. Not getting anxious.
    4. Making phone calls. Absolutely. I can answer just fine. Okay mostly fine.
    5. Cleaning. I’m too perfectionistic and I get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.
    6. Confrontation.
    7. Multi-tasking.

  11. 1.Talking on the phone.
    2.My kids constantly wanting food or snacks.
    3.Saying no,and not sticking to it.
    4.Keeping my e-mails at a manageable level.
    5.The fact that my kids think i am supposed to share EVERYTHING with them.
    6. Making small talk.
    7.Hugging.Makes me uncomfortable.

  12. Just a quick one for your sinus infection. Apple cider vinegar (1 tablespoon in a cup of water) three times a day. Nasty, but effective! Then you can get back to being good at so many things!!

  13. I am not good at cleaning house.

    As for hugging. I love to hug. Touch is my love language. HOWEVER, If I do not know you – hands off please – unless you’re a kid then I can handle it but otherwise, keep your distance. I have seriously asked the greeters at churches to please, not hug me. I’m sure they thought I was a snob. But I mean, I don’t KNOW you. I don’t want to be that intimate with you. A handshake or a smile will do thank you all the same. But man, my husband or my little man – LOVE me some hugs, cuddles, snuggles, etc. all day every day. My little one is fond of jumping on me & saying “we’re stuck together 4 evar mommy!” & I’m like ‘yup, forever baby”.

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