Accidental Blogging Break: Reasons I Can’t Blog

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Well, it looks like I’m taking an unintentional blogging break. I’m sure you can all survive without me for a few days. But just in case you are interested here are a few reasons I can’t blog.

We love doing puzzles as a family.

My kids are home.

When I was a homeschool mom I never understood (and looked with judgement) at all the school moms who “couldn’t wait” for their kids to return to school. I mean, did they even like their kids? They had free childcare and education for 180 days a year, certainly they could pick up the slack on the other days. Except.


I get it now.

I loved homeschooling my kids. But when they were home we were in a rhythm. They knew how to occupy themselves. Now when they are home for a break or even a long weekend, we go through an adjustment period where they try to figure out what to do with themselves and their time. It reminds me how each spring I have to force my kids to play outside the first few days of nice weather. Then it is like a switch is flicked on and they suddenly want to spend all day outside. 

The kids are home enjoying the snow, too much screen time and fighting with each other.

I’m tired and the days are too short. Literally.

Tired, yes, we’ve been over that one a few times on here. And the days are too short. With my fatigue, I just can’t work or be productive in the dark. My body says, Oh look, it’s almost bedtime! And I look at the clock and it is 5:15 and not even dinner time yet. I should really move to the equator.

Reasons I can't blog. I am working on cleaning my laundry room.

I’m cleaning and purging the house.

I am tackling medical records and school records. Bills and books. Organizing LEGO and science supplies. I am also making a RADICAL move and transform my laundry room into a LAUNDRY room. What is the difference you ask? Well, our laundry room is huge. The size is nice except that it makes a clutter magnet. My sweet little lambs throw anything and everything in there. Usually right in front of the door which makes it a literal obstacle course for me every time I want to do a load of laundry. While this might help me reach my fitness goals it does not help me reach my My Children Are Well Cared for and Clean goals.

Reasons I can't blog: photo sessions!

I’m working on editing a few sessions for my business.

I haven’t put the photos or videos together yet but you can see a few sneak peeks on Instagram or my FB page. I love pursing my dream of photography. It energizes and excites me to meet new clients and help them preserve their memories. 

How is your holiday season going?

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