Repainting Metal Lockers

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I will be taking a bit of time of the blog to spend with my family. For the next few days I will be re-publishing some of my most popular posts. I hope you enjoy them!

Step-by-step guide to teach you how to paint metal lockersHow to paint metal lockers DIY

We’ve had these ugly gray lockers in the boys’ bedroom for probably two years now. Chuck brought the home from a school he demolished thinking they would be great for the kids. I loved them right away. Or the idea of them anyway. They are perfectly functional…the only thing is they are…how do I put this? UGLY. The kids love having a safe place to lock up their belongings and I love the sturdiness of metal furniture…but something needed to change. {Ignore the carabiners holding the doors closed, that was just for the ease of opening and closing during painting. Each child has a combination lock to keep them closed.} I have put off painting these lockers for so long because I was a bit intimidated by the idea of painting metal, something I’ve never done before. With our big room switch this summer, however, I decided it was time to get these babies looking like a purposeful piece of furniture…not like something my husband brought home from a school he demolished.


So now, I will show you how to paint metal lockers (in seven easy steps).

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