Apollo’s Dream: From Poor to Poor with a Car

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From poor to poor with a car. This boy is planning his future.

Apollo’s got some new career goals, which is great, since in this fast-paced world with preschool waiting lists and college-prep kindergartens we really need to give our children an edge in life.

If you’ve been here awhile, you have probably read about Apollo’s dream of becoming a panhandler.

This week he is taking his second round of Safety Around Water classes. This gives us about 25 minutes alone in the van (each way). He has been talking to me non-stop during those drives. Earlier this week he let me in on a few of his six-year-old thoughts. Here is just a brief snippet of our conversation.

“Mom, when I’m poor I am going to ride a travel bus.”

“You mean like that bus there? That’s a city bus”. 

“Yes, I’m going to ride the city bus. [short pause while he thinks] Do you need a ticket to ride that bus?”

“Yes. Or money. I think it costs a dollar.”

“Oh. Well, when I am poor I will save up six dollars. Then I will ride the bus and go to McDonald’s for breakfast. I will get pancakes with syrup. Then I will go to Panda Palace and eat. Then I will wait at the bus stop and go to that place there. The one with the ice cream with a cherry on top.”

“That one?” I asked. We were stopped next to Applebee’s. 

“Yes! Because three plus three is six!”

It’s hard to argue with that logic. After all, three plus three is six.

“When I grow up and I’m poor I am going to have a sign that says, ‘Poor Anything Helps’. When I save up for a car I will write, ‘Poor Anything Helps. If you are wondering why I have a car when I’m poor, well, that’s a long story”.

“That’s what your sign will say?” 

“Yes. And if they ask I will say: ‘I went up to a guy’s house and asked if I could borrow a piece of cardboard, a stick and a Sharpie. Then I wrote Poor Anything Helps on the sign. Then I asked if I could keep the cardboard and stick. Then I saved up enough money for a car.”

“Hmm…It might be easier to just get a job. They you wouldn’t need the sign and you would make money”.

“Oh…I’ll just buy a job then”!

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  1. Hilarious. Best part for me, though, is that he wounds like he’s eating pancakes. Lots of them. And hamburgers. He’s really, really eating lots of real food now?

    • I have no idea where he got that from. He has never been to McDonalds for breakfast and certainly does *not* eat pancakes with syrup. But the doctors would say it is good that he’s even talking about it and thinking about it.

  2. Wow. Gotta admire a man with a plan…LOL

  3. maureen angelino

    Oh, Apollo! God has great plans for you. Even better than you can imagine. 🙂

    • You mean more than “poor with a car” and trips to McDonalds and Panda Palace?!

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