Bike Rodeo 2016

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Harmony bike rodeo 2016 was a ton of fun for our kids

A couple of weeks ago our school’s PTO hosted a Bike Rodeo at the kids’ school. The owner of RRAD (Ride Run and Dig) came out and set up a few bike courses and challenges for the kids. In addition we have people from Fanatik Bike Co and the police department helping to educate our kids on safe bike riding. 

Our older kids were occupied, so it was just us and our 13 and under crew. But that’s okay. I suppose most people would think taking six kids to bike rodeo challenging enough.

Its was a blistering hot day here in the PNW…in the 80’s, at noon, on hot pavement. We enjoyed ourselves and the drama that can only be fully appreciated by large families…and families with kids with special needs.

As always, the parts that weren’t completely miserable were awesome. 

And I choose to focus on those.

The Girl Scouts were grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, so we all had such in between games and bike courses. One of the games Paper  Boy (you can see Apollo playing it below) and Tucker won a trophy for getting the highest score. 

2016 Harmony Bike Rodeo

2016 Harmony Bike Rodeo

We made it through the rodeo injury free…and then this happened in the parking lot on the way out to the van.

Of course it did.

If you want to see the kids in action, check out the video I made: 

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