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Recently I had to take Kalina, Jubilee and myself in for eye exams. Afterward my eyes were sore from being dilated and of course it was the sunniest day of the century, so instead of heading home (and back to school for Jubilee) we headed to Coconut Kenny’s for a girls’ date. If you have never had the pleasure (and you live in or near Bellingham) you must go! They say they specialize in Hawaiian-style  sandwiches, but I wouldn’t know…I’m a pizza girl 100%. 

Coconut Kenny's is the perfect destination for a girls' date.


This is the closest my girls are going to get to Hawaii for a while…

People wonder how I can spend time with each child and give them attention in such a large family. Guess what? I came from a family with three children and I’m not sure it ever crossed my parents’ mind to have individual time with each kid. We lived in the same house, we went from activity to activity. Sometimes we were together, sometimes not. Back then you weren’t a bad, uninterested parent for not having weekly or monthly “dates” with your kids. You were a parent. You gave them food, clothes, a home and sometimes even attended their school events.


[I am sure you have all read Jen Hatmaker’s: What Would My Mom Do? (Drink Tab and Lock Us Outside)

Coconut Kenny's with the Girls

Hey, I love making my kids’ childhood magical (themed parties…just for fun anyone?) But seriously, we spend time together, we spend time apart. I love these stolen moments with just one or two children…but I don’t stress about quality time. Believe me, we spend plenty of time together. 

Coconut Kenny's with the Girls Coconut Kenny's with the Girls

This day was magical.

We were blinded by dilated eyes and harsh sunlight.

We enjoyed piping hot pizza and cheesy bread.

We talked and laughed and ate.

That was good enough for my girls and its good enough for me.

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  1. Yum! We love Coconut Kenny’s. Love the pizza, but sometimes we’ll split a pizza and a Kalua pork sandwich. Oh, now I’m hungry!

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