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The blog has been a wee bit quiet over here mainly because I bought a new (to me…not new) computer and I am busy switching things over. My new computer is not yet hooked up to the internet which means I’m running up and down the stairs a lot. Great for my cardiovascular system (and Fitbit) not so great for writing, editing and productivity. 

The new computer is for my business and no one but me touches it. This means no longer need to upload and edit birth photos on our family computer. I realized computer sharing was a bad idea the day someone changed the screen saver from simply going black, to displaying a slideshow…of all the images on our computer. No one, I don’t care how much you love birth, wants to see a full color image of a beautiful placenta while eating homemade lasagna.

Just. No. 

I recently got to take some family images of some friends who had a beautiful baby girl…on Christmas day! These are the same friends we camped with in Oregon this summer, friends we’ve had since they were only a family of three. And now, Ella makes eight! These are also the friends who I blog with over at Large Family Reviews. If you haven’t checked out that site yet, you should go take a peek.

With no further ado, the Thames familylifestyle photos of biracial girls   

While mom and dad were busy getting ready for their family photo, I snuck in a few pictures of their girls, just hanging out. 

smiling biracial girl

Abby loves the camera and the camera loves her!

biracial toddler in pajamas

Sweet, spicy Charlotte. Tired and not at all sure she is ready for photos. 

mom changing newborn baby's diaper

Baby Ella, getting ready for her pictures. 

biracial newborn baby

Let’s all just take a moment to admire this sweet baby face, shall we?

mom cuddling newborn baby

Mama and baby…oh so sweet.

biracial toddler playing piano

Charlotte tries her hand at composing.

Mama, baby and sisters

four beautiful biracial sisters

Four beautiful sisters. Seriously, could they get any cuter?

family photo outtake

I had to include this, because lets behest, the outtakes are sometimes more fun than the perfect photo!lifestyle family photo bellingham, wa

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