Life Between Blog Posts

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Life between blog posts

This photo is Odin, and his grandfather. I photographed Odin’s birth last November.

A lot goes on in my life, in between the blog posts. Even when I blog everyday. Not everything I do is interesting, or funny or available for public consumption (shocking, I know). Despite my penchant for talking and spilling my thoughts into this space, I don’t share everything.

I spend a lot of time in waiting rooms, reading books on my Kindle. I spend  a lot of time defusing arguments between kids with special needs. Kids without the resources to back down from an argument, or de-escalate once they are amped up


Recently, in the space of eight days, I photographed two stillbirths. One was a sweet little baby who’s  heartbeat wasn’t found at his twenty week ultrasound. The other was a 37 week baby who had Trisomy 18. His mama and daddy, first time parents, were praying earnestly that they would get to hold their son alive, even if only for a few moments. That prayer wasn’t answered, and they labored together, beautifully, until their son Mathew was born. I had the incredible honor of being present to capture photos of Matthew’s birth, as well of photos of him being held by his family. 

My job as a birth photographer means I sometimes see both ends of the spectrum, the birth of new life, and sometimes the heartbreak of death.


Kiro 7 News in Seattle has picked up The Superhero Project, so it getting mass exposure again. It is so much fun to see these photos going around. This article included several of the sessions I have done since the project first went viral earlier this year. This project has had such a positive response. I love to see all these kids in the limelight!

(Amazon affilate links ahead)

I am just about to finish the book Anchored: Finding Hope in the Unexpected. Adalia started reading Kayla Aimee’s blog a few years ago and I have read it sporadically since then. In 2010 Kayla gave birth to her daughter Scarlette at 25 weeks gestation. Scarlett was a micro-preemie. I’m a sucker for memoirs…especially ones about sick kids. This book was a fun, easy read.

The last week I read For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards, by Jen Hatmaker. It was by far my favorite of the three books of hers I’ve read (I also read 7:  An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess and  Interrupted: When Jesus Wrecks Your Comfortable Christianity). Jen Hatmaker, bless her heart, lives a completely different life than mine. I read with a bit of amusement her book 7. I’m pretty sure after cutting back on her excess, she still had more than my family. Not only do we have more kids (14 to her 5) and less money, but I am minimalist at heart. Even given an unlimited amount of money, I’m just not interested in a huge house filled with things. A house cleaner and cook? Yes! More stuff? More clothing? Cute decorations? Ah, no. 

For the Love had me laughing out loud, which is something I definitely need more of in my life!

The winner of the three Roald Dahl books is:


My favourite is Matilda! I’m going to see the musical tomorrow night

Congratulations, Chanelle, send me an email and I’ll get these books to you!


What’s been going on in your life lately? Have you read any good books? Found any great new blogs to read?

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  1. Our fifth child was a full term stillbirth. I would have loved to have someone there taking photographs of Joshua. He was so beautiful and we only have a few (not so great) photos. I am thankful that we did get those!

    Our family has been praying for Matthew and his family. We know Matthew’s dad. Small world… thankful that they will have precious photos of him.

  2. I found you blog through your birth story with Apollo. There was a link back to your blog from a Labor & Delivery Nurses’ Facebook page I follow. I read that incredible story and then got hooked on Apollo’s amazing saga. Took me most of the summer to read all the posts from his first surgery to the present. I have recently found this Blog: This is also a birth story, but so much more. It moved me more than anything I’ve read in a long time.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing stories about your family and it’s struggles. I’m an empty nester but my adult children also have issues that I, too, am dealing with. My daughter’s divorce was final this week and it’s breaking my heart. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the first year of her marriage and has many struggles.

    I’ve been a L&D nurse for 35 years and the stillbirths are hard. We always take pictures for the family but don’t have the time to make it our only focus. These families were so fortunate to have you there to make memories for them. As you know these are the only pictures they will ever have of their babies. But what an emotional roller coaster for you to have two in a week!

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