A Sleep Study Story by Apollo

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5 year old boy describes a sleep study

Apollo had a visit to the Feeding Clinic at Children’s yesterday. On the way home he asked where we were and I said “Everett”. That must have jogged memory for him because he started asking about sleep studies. After a short chat, he told us this story: 

“Once a man needed a Sleep Study in Everett. He drove there. When he was there they glued wires to his head. He went to sleep. When he woke up, they took the wires off. With them came skin and brains. Good thing they were at the hospital! They had to stitch up his skin and brain. The man went home and they never used that super glue again”. 

I think Apollo is one of a very few five-year-olds who could tell such a details story about sleep studies…


While we’re on the subject, here is a fun video I made of his last sleep study. The one that finally convinced the doctors he needed his tonsils out...which in turn, led him to be able to eat well for the first time in his life! Hurray for baby steps that lead to bigger steps that lead to health!

{As of now, he is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the bus…will he get on? Will he cry? I’ll update you about his first day tomorrow…}

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  1. Wow. Love that superglue comment. What a kid!!

  2. That video made my day together with the skin and brains comment. My tubie kid is nonverbal at 4 but I often wonder what stories I’d get from her. My five year old often tells stories about when he was a baby “and had a tube”. He never had one, but he is adamant he did and I just don’t remember (a wise woman once said don’t argue with a 5 year old – she was right). My 2 year old tries to plug extension tubes into her belly all the time and is awfully frustrated when she can’t

    • This made me chuckle! I think it is great that siblings of tubies think having a g-tube is a normal thing even though they may not have one themselves. My 4 year old daughter has always fed her baby dolls with an extension tube and syringe just like we feed her 8 year old brother. My son also is non-verbal, but spontaneously starts laughing every now and then. I always wonder what stories and jokes he is making up in his head. I love Apollo’s sleep study story, too!

  3. […] Apollo, and so far he has missed a day every single week. Not exactly an auspicious beginning. He missed his first day for a doctor’s appointment in Seattle. Then last Thursday when he came home my mom antenna went up…he just seemed a bit […]

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