First Day of School {2015}

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The first day of school has come and gone here in our house for everyone except Apollo (who starts this Thursday) and Tilly and Judah. The kids were excited to begin a new school year. There was some discussion by the school staff last year about placing Avi and Tucker in the same class. Avi’s teacher felt that Tucker’s presence (in the adjoining classroom) and a “settling effect” on Avi. They felt that having them both be in the same class might be good for her. Because of this, I was mildly surprised to see them placed in separate classes this year. Hezekiah has Jubilee’s teacher from last year. I was really torn about which one to hope  for, since I loved both! Such a good problem to have. 


Aside from beginning school, Apollo is in the middle of a cluster of three appointments at Seattle Children’s Hospital in two weeks…and in the middle of that was the first day of school and Mordecai’s birthday. We are also starting up youth group, which involves meetings and planning… It’s been a bit hectic here. Due to a mistake on the school district calendar, Apollo is missing his first day of school for a doctor’s appointment. I was not happy to find that out, but since I had already rescheduled the appointment once (due to the school changing the date of an event) I didn’t feel like I could to it again. 


How was the first day of school for your family? Do your kids love it or hate it?


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  1. We are actually doing the opposite of you. For the first time, we are not going back to school this year. We were told at the end of last school year, that our daughter, Grace, was not welcome back at the local Christian school, because she cannot keep up with the work. It was heartbreaking to be rejected again, but I refuse to put her back in the public schools here, where they treated her so badly. I have already signed her up for COOP classes, and she is hoping to get a part in the play. Our son, Tony, just started his 3rd year at the local community college, and is doing well. He already has 5 computer certifications, so he is our resident computer tech, or as we call him “Techie Tony”.

    I am so happy you have found great schools for your children, and I pray that they thrive in them.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Oh, that sounds so hard. I know all about the agony of trying to do what’s best for our kids. Yes, the school makes a huge difference. I’m not sure about the Jr High yet, buy our elementary school is great.

  2. First day for most kids is the 9th here, my son’s program doesn’t start till the 22nd!

  3. Believe it or not, German kids start in August. We’ve been going a while now . . . . it gets very hectic at first, then they get adjusted to the routines, and tireder . . . .

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Many schools in the US start in August. In fact, my kids’ school is the last one to start up here, so I believe it. We are still in the midst of HECTIC, but hope the routine part sets in soon 🙂

  4. How did Apollo’s first day go?

  5. Our kids started back in January, so instead I’ll ask – any chance they would change Avi or Tucker across so they’d be in the same class. Maybe someone made an assumption about them being siblings and it not being a good idea, rather than remembering that conversation??

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      When they first asked me about it, I told them I thought they should talk to to Tucker. Avi’s behavior can be difficult, and I thought he might truly need a break from it. After that, I left it up to the school. I know how she behaves at home, obviously, but figured they know more about how she acts at school. I’m not sure why they decided on separate classes, but I’m fine with hit.

  6. My younger siblings started public school for the first time and are quite excited!

  7. My kids love school and kindy. It helps when you have a great teacher! X

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      That does help! I am so glad to hear your kids are enjoying it.

  8. All smiles over here. Austin started Grade 5 this year and he is in the class he wanted because he really likes the teacher. I guess they worked in her classroom a few times last year and got to know her a bit. 🙂

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