August Happiness Round-Up

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We are nearly through day THREE with no electricity. You know what I miss the most? Light. Our kitchen is in the center of our house, and area with no windows. This means I am washing dishes my lantern-light. I pretty much feel like Mary Ingalls (the blind sister) as I wash my dishes with soap, water, and touch. 

Today’s blog post is brought to you by McDonald’s (instead of Starbucks). As much as I love good coffee (and you know I do) I am taking full advantage of the dirty, germ infested play place to kid my children occupied. I am letting my kiddos run wild (and Tilly hook up to wi-fi) while I blog. You’re welcome.

Instead of mourning the loss of food in my fridge, light in my kitchen, internet service and laundry facilities, I thought I would focus on my Top Five Happy Memories from August. 

5.  I got to photograph the births of TWO beautiful babies this month.


4. Camping along the Oregon Coast with friends and family.

popsecret-pajama-ride-33. Catching all of my kids off guard and pulling off a family Pajama Ride!

Shari's berries chocolate covered cherries and strawberries

2. Arriving home from our camping trip to enjoy chocolate covered strawberries and cherries from Shari’s Berries. And I have to say, these strawberries were hands down the best chocolate covered strawberries I have ever eaten!doctor listening to child's chest with stethoscope .And number one, hands down, getting the most amazing, happy news ever from Apollo’s pulmonologist and being in the middle of a very successful tube wean!

I’d say August was a winning month for us. What was your favorite memory this month?

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  1. Sounds like you have had a lovely summer. I love reading your blog. You are always so positive! Take care, Belinda x

  2. Hey Mrs. B!

    Just FYI your link (that I am guessing was supposed to go over to Little Earthing Photography website?) goes over to Shari’s berries, as well!

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