A Near-Cruise Experience

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This will likely be my last post about our trip to Oregon, even though I have scads of pictures (and stories)I haven’t shared. It’s gotta end somewhere, right? I realized one day on our sojourn, that camping is actually a lot like going on a cruise. In fact, our camping trip could be referred as a Near-Cruise Experience. 

Let me explain.


By the way, Tucker took this photo of Charlotte. Isn’t it adorable???

5 Ways Camping with Your Family is Just Like Going on a Cruise

  1. You are stranded.

Once your leave your destination (whether by 15 passenger van, steamer ship, jet or cruise ship) you are utterly trapped. Want to escape? Ready for a break? Tired of listening to Your Story Hour and the buzz of LeapPads? Too bad. You can’t jump out while your husband drives 70 mph down the freeway, or jump into the ocean.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 1.26.25 PM

You are so stranded, in fact, that if you are running late to pick up your son from the airport and the traffic is ridiculous due to a fire on the side of the freeway, you won’t have time to stop. Even for a bathroom. So you *might* get stuck with one child peeing in a Gatorade bottle while another pees in a Starbucks cup. You will then worry for the rest of the trip that you are accidentally going to pick up that cup and take a sip. 

I mean, not that a situation like that would ever happen to us. 

No way.


2. Food

Cruises are known for their abundance of food. If you go camping with 7 kids, I guarantee you will got through a (excuse the pun) boatload of food. Hot dogs, hamburgers, chili, salad, burritos, yogurt, granola, apples, marshmallows, s’mores. Oh yes, the food is plentiful and delicious when camping.

3. Adventure That’s right, whether camping or cruising, adventure aways finds you. On our trip we had it all: rain, thunder, sunshine, a tour of the Tillamook Cheese Factory, the beach, the ocean, military bunkers, Oregon’s shortest lighthouse. Kids who forget their water bottles. Kids who leak through their Pull-Up and onto your sleeping pad. And bag. Campfires and weenie roasts. Yes, we had plenty of adventures.


4. Pirates and mutiny.

Pirates are still around and operating in the open sea. And mutiny is always a risk with kids. Especially when they outnumber the adults 3 to 1. Especially when you five-year old takes 3.2 licks of his orange sherbet and decides he’d prefer your Mocha Cappuccino Ice Cream.

5. An All-Inclusive Holiday

Everything is included in that cruise…and the camping trip. As long as you’re a kid, that is. Free accommodations, food cooked for you three times a day. You get your clothing laundered. Everything is paid for.* Yep, camping is a pretty sweet deal for kids.

*by your parents.

5. Late Night Cocktail Parties

As long as your idea of a late night cocktail is instant coffee, tea, or hot chocolate enjoyed around the campfire at 10pm, well, camping has that too.

Yes, I’d say our trip  qualifies as a Near-Cruise Experience for sure.


See Hezekiah and Zoe side-by-side? Hezekiah is six months older than Zoe. I think we are seeing genetics in action here. Sorry, Hezekiah. In the next photo we have: Zoe (10), Mordecai (12), Avi (10) and Hezekiah (11). oregon-coast

Cute little Charlotte…with attitude as big as her hair.


This tree was an absolute favorite among the kids…


And  Tucker managed to find the fastest (if not safest and most comfortable) way down a tree.

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  1. Food, food and more food while camping! So much food packed on our last trip that I just about got frostbite looking for fruit at the bottom of the cooler. Enough rain to overflow the lake. Adventure! And bike crashing through puddles. Ah, camping. Pretty much like a cruise. 😀

  2. I have a love hate relationship with camping. So much work… so much fun…

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