Avi and Apollo’s Minecraft Party

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Avi and Apollo are now 10 an 5. Can you believe that???  They are growing up.

Avi got her ears pierced for her tenth birthday (per family tradition). We celebrated with a fun birthday breakfast (that will be a separate post) and a movie. Then we had a low-key birthday party. Well, as low-key as you can get with 8 kids in the house and inviting a family with six kids over. Let me tell you, I have seen so much growth and maturity in Avi over the past six months. She struggles hard with appropriate social behavior and relationships…Yesterday, she did brilliantly! We have been talking about her upcoming party and birthday with her psychologist, and I believe the work has paid off. I am so proud of her!

Food ideas for a Minecraft Party
Avi and Apollo both wanted a Minecraft party, and you know I can’t resist a themed party! I don’t play Minecraft and actually know very little about it. That is where Pinterest comes into play. I made a Minecraft Party board and set to work. I pulled this off (the planning and prep) in about two hours the morning of the party. The kids loved it!waterfight-2

Then, since it is summer and sweltering here, the kids had a water fight. So simple and so fun. I love this shot of Apollo spraying Owen. He literally didn’t see it coming. And there is really nothing cuter than seeing Apollo (a tubie) and Owen (a former-tubie) have a water fight with 60 ml syringes (a very basic tube feeding supply). waterfight birthday-marmite 

And it wouldn’t be a birthday in our house without the Giving of the Marmite. 


And, this was her reaction to the LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser. A LEGO set she has wanted for over a year. For Apollo I purchased the LEGO Juniors Construction Set and the LEGO Juniors Princess Play Castle.

(^^^affiliate links ^^^)birthday-party  

The top photo here captures these two perfectly…Avi giving Apollo a sidewards glance, to check out his cake…and Apollo, cautious at the idea of holding a flaming cake.

It was a perfect birthday for both!

You may want to read Avi’s adoption story here. And be sure and check out last year’s LEGO party!

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  1. Gorgeous kids! Itching for photos of Apollo and Avi actually eating their cakes . . .

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      LOL! I do have photos of Apollo eating cake. Maybe I’ll share those tomorrow.

  2. So thrilled for Avi’s progress! My Mr 5 had his first birthday party (my kids get one big themed party at 5 and one at 10) two weekends a go. I have gotten a lot of grey hairs worrying over him in the last few years as te scars he bore from the early years of trauma around his baby sister being very sick and life being hard and unpredictable. A year or s0 ago he had little to no impulse control – to the point that it was dangerous and worrying. Social events would equal over-excitement, being rough and inappropriate and melt downs where he would tear or take off all his clothes. At his 5th birthday party he had fun, he did not hurt anyone, he was happy, he interacted well with others and continued to be happy, even when it was over. The big feelings that invoked surpass description! So proud of my little man. It’s been hard work with lots of tears all around but we are getting there! My son who is turning 10 next year may have a minecraft party so I’ve already pinned all your ideas – I do love pintrest!

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