Graduation {Judah 2015}

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Judah in cap and gown for graduation

The big news this weekend is Judah graduated! High school and Community College done. Boom, just like that. I sure hope all that  regalia around his neck didn’t give him kink…just kidding. We are so proud of him. He graduated “with honors, Honors Program, Phi Theta Kappa”. Judah, my firstborn (but not oldest) son, became a bit of an overachiever once he hit the classroom. He has become a real leader over the last two years, something I credit to his years of Boy Scouts and two years with Teen Missions

Judah and Tilly holding up snakes

Seriously, friends, don’t blink. I know it is so cliche, but it seems like last week Judah was a 7 year old who I worried would never write a whole paragraph without tears….judah-senior-photos-9914 copy

Judah is on track to be something of a Doogie Howser of law enforcement. A summer birthday + Running Start means finishing two years of college at seventeen and four years of college at nineteen when he’ll still be too young to be a police officer (you need to be 21). See, that’s exactly why I never set out to be an overachiever….no need to raise people’s expectations and finish that far ahead of the pack (<— that was sarcasm, my friends).judah-senior-graduation-2

Chuck and I are beyond proud of Judah. I think that goes without saying. He is a great kid (soon-to-be-adult), a nice guy, genuine in his faith and handsome to boot. 


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  1. Congratulations Judah, you’re a credit to your Mum and Dad. Exciting times ahead – Good Luck :):)

  2. Michele @ Family, Faith and Fridays

    What a cutie! Congratulations to Judah and well done, mom!

  3. Well done 😀

  4. Congratulations and well done!
    And I might be a little bit weird but do you what snakes your kids are holding? They are beautiful (the kids as well, of course)

  5. Congrats and amazing pictures of him… you must be a photographer!

    BTW… saw your son on the TMI video tonight!

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