A Birth Session and Family Stuff

I didn’t get a chance to post here this morning. I often have to “fight” my teens for computer time and lets face it, homework is going to trump blogging every time. I also have a few sessions to get caught up for my business, Little Earthling Photography.

Mom and dad cuddle their brand new baby

You really should go check out Arianna’s birth photos! Such a sweet, beautiful baby.

We were also out late (until, like, 9:15) partying with the youth group at our church. More on that and some major changes around here later. Apollo had a pretty big appointment regarding his g-tube this Wednesday. That will get a post of its own soon and soon as I process what’s going on.

Only two more days of school this year. How crazy! I am looking forward to having all my kids home again…except several of them won’t actually be here. Enoch leaves for Teen Missions in just over two weeks. Tilly is headed off to Calgary to spend time with family. Avi will have a month of summer school and Hezekiah and month of math and science camp. And Mordecai will have seven weeks of a camp designed for children with emotional and behavioral needs. It’s a day camp, which means lots of driving for me, but he’ll be home every night. 



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  1. Those sound like perfect summer plans for all those kids! And I bet the kids staying at home the whole summer will also have an awesome time. I am very interested in what the experts had to say about the G tube.

  2. You ready for TMI? I got my boys all packed, just need to add their clothes and the tool they have to bring. My son that has been is getting nervous {which I find odd} and my son that has not been is starting to realize what he got himself into {limited bathing, wearing the same clothes…LOL}.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Nope, not even close! We still have to go shopping so packing is a ways off! I get Caleb being nervous….its like childbirth, sometimes *knowing* what its like is worse!

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