Messes, Cinnamon Rolls and Paddington Bear

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Post includes really cool affiliate links.web-1290The weather here has been amazing! Saturday I spearheaded a project to clean out our storage room. It was filled with 12 years of mess. Twice a year we pull out our clothing bins and switch the seasonal clothing, but have never actually cleaned the space. Saturday I was  on a mission! We were going to get that place CLEAN. Saturday was the day. Chuck laid out a tarp and we pulled everything out of that room…I envisioned us working hard together as a family, then watching a movie together that evening to reward the children’s hard work. What actually happened was I worked really hard with a  few teens (between their other jobs) and Jubilee and Tucker. The other kids had a wonderful day soaking in the sunshine and frolicking in the woods. By the time we were finished the storage room was clean and beautiful, but my house was a mess. And dinner dishes didn’t get done. My Fitbit tells me I logged 5 1/2 miles…all of that between our storage room and front yard. Forget running, I’m going to take up house cleaning!

Just kidding, that’s way too much work.Judah.Hayley

Two trips to Goodwill and a massive pile of garbage later and the room is cleaner than it was 12 years ago when we moved in! I even took the vacuum in there and removed cobwebs. Everything is completely organized. I am pretty sure my Boy Scouts could pack for a camping trip in 10 minutes now. The cleaning took so long, though, our movie didn’t get started until nearly 8 o’clock. We watched Paddington. My kids were a bit doubtful about it. I asked my teens to watch it because it means a lot to the little kids to spend time with their older siblings. Five minutes into the movie and my teens were laughing as hard as my little ones. If you haven’t already seen Paddington, I highly recommend it.Judah.tilly.1

And by he way…my kids (and their friend) had no idea who Paddington Bear was! They didn’t even realize the movie was  based off of  a book! Obviously I neglected my homeschooling duties somewhere along the way…Here is a link to A Bear Named Paddington so you can do a better job of homeschooling than I have.

You’re welcome.


You know what else you’re welcome to? To come visit on a Sunday afternoon. If you do, it is very likely that you will be served warm cinnamon rolls straight from the oven. Jubilee has mastered this recipe. I guarantee you won’t taste a better cinnamon roll anywhere. The kids have had fun not only chowing down on these but taking them to their teachers at school. A little fresh baking can’t hurt their grades any, right?


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  1. Jubilee is soooo pretty! She looks so much like Adalia in that picture….

  2. i agree! I always think that she favors her Big Sis!

  3. Recipe? I live too far away to “stop by” 🙁

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