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Last Friday was the kids annual Jog-a-Thon. I am sure every parent with a child in school understands the particular  level of awkwardness this brings. You can thank me now, my friends, that I don’t send my adorable children to you door asking you to give them money for running around their school playground. You’re welcome. 

It’s a great cause, it truly is. It supports our local PTO which has paid for things like this amazing new playground, Missoula Children’s Theater and more. Chuck and I always donate but we don’t send our kids asking for donations. And of course, I always show up to cheer my kids on and take pictures, and usually freeze in the cold, drizzle.

This year it was warm and sunny for a change. Trying to figure out how to watch five kids in five separate classes at three different times (and join one for lunch) is more daunting than the Matrix. I showed the schedule to Tilly and as we hovered over the Jog-a-thon pamphlet like early explorers mapping out the New World. 

Or something like that.

Apollo and I arrived to bask in the sun. Mordecai and Jubliee’s classes were first (Mordecai couldn’t run- he hadn’t been cleared by the surgeon yet- so he punched cards). We cheered. We smiled. We clapped. Apollo ran. And ran. And ran some more. jog-a-thon-9977-2

 Then Apollo came up to me and said, “Mom, we missed Hezekiah running!” 

No we didn’t!” I said. “He runs next.”

Except he didn’t. His class was the first (of my children) to run and I wasn’t there. Yeah, I felt like a real heel. 

So we watched all four of the other children run and had lunch with Mordecai and his class. Poor Hezekiah.

So there you have it, last week’s parent fail.

Do you have any parent fails to share? Or am I the only one?

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  1. Let’s see, I’ve had a child refuse to get dressed and therefore end up at the bus stop naked in a car seat to pick up siblings, pajamas to school because I let them dress themselves and didn’t check, neccesary uniform pieces “freshened up” with body splash when they didn’t get washed, missing field trip forms until the teacher calls and asks for them and on and on. But hey, my dad left me at softball practice and forgot to pick me up when I was a kid. And, the coach just left me alone at the field too. I ended up walking to a friend’s house to call for a ride home. Somehow to me that’s always worse than my worst.

  2. alisonfrancesmcknight

    my favourite fail was when my 2 schooled girls were 9 and 7 and my home-ed SN son was 5…I was convinced the girls weren’t back to school after the summer break until september 5th, so on the 4th had planned a lovely day in Stratford Upon Avon doing the Butterfly farm and Shakespeares houses. Picnic was packed all was ready, then I noticed the neighbours walking past with their kids in uniform, a hurried change of plan and clothes and picnic became school lunch and they arrived in time. Henry and I had our day out without them and I don’t think they or I have forgiven me yet 15 years later!! There have been many other fails, but this was spectacular!

  3. Discovering that while I was on a five-day trip to visit my father, my 17-year-old had found a new guy to date: a 23-year-old recent drug addict who was on parole after serving time for a weapons charge. He is also the unmarried father of a five-year-old, and the nickname on his Facebook profile is a variation on the words “mother-f******g.” Ah, the magic of making friends through Facebook! After some agonizing discussions with our child, we ended up calling the new guy and warning him that if he had any further contact with our child, he would be making a short one-way trip back to jail. Since my 17-year-old turns 18 in a month and a half and will then be legal for him to contact, it remains to be seen how epic a fail this will be. I have my fingers crossed and am trying to remain confident that she now understands the dangers a bit better.

  4. I arrived at Laura’s Kindergarten Thanksgiving performance just in time to hear the rest of the (on-time) parents applauding at the end. I felt HORRIBLE but it was made worse when Laura burst into tears at the sight of me as she tenderly whispered, “where were you?”. I was stuck at Costco buying our Thanksgiving turkey but that was no consolation to her. Ugh, it still makes me feel terrible remembering that.

  5. This afternoon I was saved my a calendar reminder when I just happened to be near my computer. 10 minutes until something for my 4th grader started. Thankfully I was home and able to run up to the school for it. Of course he was not in costume (it was a wax museum) but I tell myself I least I made it up there in time. Had a missed it he would have been very sad. And I would have felt pathetic since I was in fact home.

  6. Nope, it’s just you.


    Last year I managed to forget to go to the end of term assembly at school, which was my only opportunity to see my kids sing in the choir. They had been practicing for months….

  7. This is so fun. I love the humor in your voice. My son pooped in a hole in the back yard yesterday. =/

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Thank you Wells! And: ew. My boys would never do that! <---------- sarcasm

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