Amniotic Band Syndrome Repair

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amniotic band syndrome surgery at Seattle Children's Hospital

Mordecai’s latest Amniotic Band Syndrome surgery was scheduled for 8:45 am Friday with a 7:30 check-in time. That meant a 4:15 wake up for me. Now, I’m a morning person, but 4:15 isn’t the morning…its still the middle of the night. Am I right? Poor Mordecai is not a morning person at all. Thankfully the lack of breakfast didn’t both him since he was way too tired to be hungry anyway. He even dozed a bit on the ride down to Seattle.

Once we arrived, he was happy to be in the pre-op waiting room where the Wii awaited him. Unfortunately, it took about 15 minutes to get the thing working. He barely started playing when he was called back to pre-op. 

But, oh joy! He discovered a TV that he could control himself. He was perfectly happy to sit and watch. Screen Time is most definitely his love language. 

amniotic band syndrome surgery at Seattle Children's HospitalThe day before surgery we surprised him with a  new stuffed animal. Mordecai is crazy about “snuggle toys” and Bongo the Ape was no exception. He was so excited when they got matching hospital bracelets.  amniotic band syndrome surgery at Seattle Children's Hospital

 This surgery was to shave off and round some of the sharpening on his ring finger. The bone has been growing quickly, but he has no fat or padding there, just a bare tip of bone with skin covering it.  Any little bump is very painful, and besides that the skin is pulled taut against the bone, blanching the skin.  In addition, he had the nail bed cut out of a toe on each foot. He has never had toenails on these toes, but over last year his body has been trying to grow them. The problem is, much like teething, the nail will come through the skin, cracking it open, making it bleed, but never quite growing. The skin won’t “heal” around those parts because it’s trying to accommodate a nail. amniotic band syndrome surgery at Seattle Children's Hospital amniotic band syndrome surgery at Seattle Children's Hospital

Poor Mordecai…both feet and one hand. His “free” arm was then used for an IV. amniotic band syndrome surgery at Seattle Children's Hospital amniotic-band-syndrome-surgery-8953

He woke up quite well out of the anesthesia. He drank, ate popsicles, slept and watched TV. On the way home he said he was hungry, so we stopped and got him his favorite food…11129261_931498620234608_5476881395521670494_nMcDonalds! He was also thrilled to see that the doctors bandaged both of Bongo’s feet and one hand. Just like Mordecai. 

The other drama we had going on was our cat, All Black…Thursday the kids discovered a hole in his thigh. It looked like some kind of puncture wound, with hair missing, but it wasn’t bleeding at all.  Poor thing. Our cats are both outdoor cats who we have primarily as mousers. The kids lavish them with plenty of affection, but we don’t let them in the house. Unfortunately I was busy getting pre-op stuff ready and couldn’t get him to a vet that day. He seemed perfectly fine and not in any pain, but I didn’t want it to get infected. At the same time, I could hardly cancel Mordecai’s surgery to take the cat to the vet… Thankfully Judah’s friend took All Black to the vet for us. The vet declared the cat perfectly healthy, except for the hole. The vet had no idea what happened to him. It wasn’t a regular laceration…it was a hole. Unfortunately, the vet couldn’t treat the cat, because Judah’s friend was under the age of 18 and not able to sign for him.


So,  Friday evening when we arrived home I called the vet and made an appointment to take the cat back and get the hole sewn up first thing the next morning. The cat is young, under a year, so while they had him sedated we went ahead and had them strip him of his manhood as well. 

So here I am, caring for a son recovering from surgery on two hands and a foot and a cat who had his side stitched up and is now on antibiotics. 

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  1. My sympathies! Glad Mordecai is on the mend. I remember when the whole family had stomach flu and I had to answer cries of “Mom, bring the bowl, quick!” with “I’ll be there and–urk–soon as I finish throwing up myself–urk–Sweetie.”

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Yes, been there more than once. Makes me glad my kids are older!

  2. I love it when care teams do things like giving Bongo a matching bracelet and bandages. It’s something so small that takes minimal effort but can really make a kid feel more comfortable. I hope Mordecai feels better soon!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      I know, those little things make such a difference! Mordecai loved it.

  3. When Kia was little she had to have a tendon repaired on her pinky finger (carving pumpkins is dangerous business!). We also got her a special stuffy, a ty beanie baby snail she really wanted. Since snails don’t have hands they wrapped up one of the antenna like they wrapped up her finger. She thought that was the coolest part of the whole thing!
    Hope everybody heals quickly!

  4. I love that they bandaged his Bongo too, how sensitive of them!

  5. Roen Adair

    A cat recovering from anesthesia is hilarious. That should have cheered Mordecai up! 4 days ago I brought one of the Filipino street kids I care for to the dentist to have a molar removed. He woke up speaking some odd half-language (not English or Tagalog). He couldn’t quite get his words out right. It was so funny.

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