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Last Sunday night I was called to head out to Dana and Jeff’s house to photograph the birth of their second little boy. I got to know Dana a bit throughout her pregnancy, first with our consultation and then when I did maternity photos for her. She is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet!home water birth

She had a very long labor her first time around and had some anxiety about this birth as a result. She chose a very warm and supportive midwife and was well prepared for her birth.

She had a birth tub set up in her large, open living room. Jeff was there to support her as needed.


Dana printed out (and laminated) cards with scriptures that Jeff read to her during her labor. 700-8735-bellingham-hombeirth-photographer bellingham-hombeirth-photographer


It was an honor to watch Dana labor. She was so strong and peaceful. home water birth

Dana’s mom was able to be there for the birth. bellingham homebirth photographer

Little Lucas arrived earthside safe and sound. He gave a good, hearty cry so we all knew he was healthy and strong. bellingham homebirth photographer


Sweet little Lucas was born ready to eat. He was sucking his thumb within minutes of his birth and ready to nurse.  

bellingham homebirth photographer

dad having skin-to-skin with newborn

Lucas was able to have some fabulous skin-to-skin time with his daddy. This is so good for bonding and babies love it.bellingham homebirth photographer

Midwife Kim Baur did the newborn exam right on Dana and Jeff’s bed. I love the coziness of home birth.newborn baby on scale

Lucas weighed just over seven pounds. bellingham homebirth photographer

bellingham homebirth photographer

bellingham homebirth photographer

bellingham homebirth photographer

 Thank you Jeff and Dana for allowing me to part of Lucas’ birth!


Bellingham Homebirth Photographer Renee Bergeron

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  1. Beautiful! It’s so nice when a family is close over generations, like this one.

  2. I can’t get enough of your birth photography, Renee! It is always a treat to see these precious, once-in-a-lifetime moments that you capture!! 🙂

    In this post, the photo that really captures my eye is the one of Lucas being weighed. The way he clings to the edge of the scale is so touching!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Thank you, Davene. As you know, birth photography is where my passion lies.

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