Hunger Games Party Ideas

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With the release of Mocking Jay I decided it was a great time to repost about the Hunger Games Party we had in 2012. David (BEN!’s brother) is visiting and planning to go see it while he is here. Me? I love pretty much any kind of  themed party.

Hunger Games Party Ideas

Hunger Games Party Ideas

To throw a great themed party you want every detail to fit. For a Hunger Games party be sure to welcome your guests with a Hunger Games poster and sign-in. We had each guest fill put their name on the a ticket for The Reaping, which would take place at the end of our evening. We had separate jars for the boys and girls.

Hunger Games Costume Ideas:

Hunger Games costumes are fun, easy and even cheap with a little creativity!

Hunger Games costume ideas

This Capital Citizen costume was made with a wig with spray-in dye added, some eye make-up, thrift store beads and necklace complete the look.

Hunger Games Party Ideas

Hunger Games Party Ideas

Hunger Games Party Ideas

For a tribute, pick a dark-colored shirt and add some blood. So easy!

Hunger Games Party Ideas

A Primrose Everdeen costume is simple with a floral dress, cardigan and braided hair.

Hunger Games Party Food:

The possibilities here are endless, but let me share with your some of our favorites. We divided the table into Districts, each reflecting the food that particular district would have provided.

Hunger Games Party Ideas

*Thresh and Rue’s Fresh Picked Fruit

*Gale’s Squirrel on a Stick (meatballs),

*Katniss’ Goat Cheese Snacks

*Peeta Bread

*Pickle Spears

*Cornucopia Crescent Rolls

Hunger Games Party Ideas

* Girl on Fire cupcakes

*Peeta’s Cheesy buns.

* Capital Spirits (punch)

* Nightlock (fresh blueberries)

* Finnick’s Sugar Cubes

* Finnick’s Fish (Goldfish Crackers).

I didn’t get a good photo, but on the right you see a Tracker Jacker Nest (Cheerio Treats formed into a wasp nest shape, with paper wasps that Tilly drew.Hunger Games Party Ideas

Games for a Hunger Games Party:

Hunger Games Party Ideas

Judah, Tilly and Enoch came up with an awesome obstacle course (training for the Hunger Games, of course!) Everyone who finished received a chocolate bar…and got their name put in for the Reaping one more time.

Hunger Games Party Ideas

Here are some of he younger kids ready for the obstacle course.

Seneca Crane costume

We set up a Training Center where the guests could sword fight (with swords made out of pool noodles) and practice archery. Everyone who participated got their name put for the Reaping in one more time for each game they played. This was a great way to encourage everyone to join in. The very last activity was the Reaping. My mom drew a  name out of each jar (one for the boys and one for the girls)….

Hunger Games Party Ideas

This was Devon’s priceless reaction when she was chosen as Tribute…

Hunger Games Party Ideas

Kalina  (knowing the prize wasn’t a trip to the Arena, but a gift card) yelled out, “I volunteer as Tribute!”

So I handed her the gift card…which we of course, gave back to Devon.


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