Cheerios on the Floor and Other Life Lessons

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{Not really, but I was stumped for a title to my blog post this morning}

Cheerios on the Floor

Life is moving along at a rapid pace over here. Parent/teacher conferences, appointments, obligations, homeschooling, Cheerios on the floor. It’s all here.cheerios on the floor

My laundry baskets in the laundry room are almost empty. You might think that means that I have achieved that elusive netherworld of Caught Up On Laundry. But those of you who are mothers know the truth. It really just means my fellow earthlings have stashed their putrid and dirt-embedded clothing in more, ah, creative spots around the house. To get Caught Up On Laundry will actually mean scavenger hunt around the house, discovering crunchy socks, underwear in the pantry and very likely items of clothing I forgot we even owned. I’m just hoping not to find any dead mice this time.

teaching textbooks

Meanwhile, homeschooling continues. BEN!’s twin brother David is visiting (he’s single, ladies!!!) Last night he conquered the world in the game of Risk, so watch out. He’s on a mission…

I leave for the BlogHer Pro ’14 conference in less than two weeks! Ahhhh…I am experiencing equal parts: Anticipation, Nervousness and Forgetting That I Am Going Entirely…My goal for the conference is to come home with a good, solid start on a book proposal and the knowledge and skills to complete it. Then I hope to send out a book proposal in 2015 about Apollo’s Story. And speaking of that, Pop Sugar just published an article I wrote: A Blog Reader Diagnosed My Son’s Heart Defect.

Why do I talk about Apollo’s story so much? Because I don’t want other families and their children to have to struggle as long as we did before their children get help. Thank God for Lorri of Semi-Organized Mom who recognized Apollo’s symptoms and had the courage to email me. And I want to help and encourage families who may need to navigate our modern medical system.

Happy Friday. May your weekend be full and your laundry baskets empty!




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  1. I’m not impressed. There should be TWO Cheerio’s in that Ark and not one. And I see Noah has gone AWOL again…

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Clearly someone is failing in teaching Bible stories over here…

  2. Cheerios on the floor reminds me of when my now 10 year old was 1 and a half. She was hanging on to the bottom of the growth curve, allergic to dairy egg peanut tree nut wheat soy and barley. And she didn’t like to sit down for meals. But she would eat cheerios, as long as they were scattered on the floor. So, I put cheerios on the floor for her to eat. You do what you have to =)


    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      A long time ago when Apollo was at his sickest before being diagnosed with his heart defect and long before the feeding tube, he began eating cat food. At this point we were counting it as a good meal if he would eat three bites of food…yet, he was eating dry, crunchy cat food out of the cat’s dish. I was so desperate to feed him, he was so skinny and sick…I remember turning to my friend and asking if maybe it was okay to let him eat the cat food… In the end, I did *not* let him continue to eat it, but that is literally how desperate we felt…

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