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Thursday morning I was awaken at 3:35 am. My dear friend Tami was having contractions five minutes apart, but she wasn’t heading into the hospital yet. I got out of bed and double checked my already packed bag, brewed some coffee and woke Tilly. Tami very generously offered to let Tilly come along and observe her birth. An hour later, she was at the hospital, so we headed in as well.birth photography

Three years before I photographed Tami’s first VBAC when her daughter Abigail was born. That labor lasted over thirty hours! But she did it; she had a successful VBAC.

birth photography

To lighten the mood, I helpfully added “give birth” to her plan for the day. And then kindly checked it off once she accomplished her goal.

birth photography birth photography Carolynn was Tami’s doula for Abigail’s birth and this birth as well. You may recognize her, I photographed the birth of her 11 pound 6 ounce baby back in April.

birth photography birth photography

Tami was amazing. She labored naturally, utilizing the tub, her ipod, her doula and her husband.

simpson birth 2014_2007 blog birth photography

After each and every birth I photograph I am amazed at the strength and power of women’s bodies.birth photography birth photography

Our came sweet little Odin. Tami and Ian didn’t know the gender of their baby, so it was a happy surprise for everyone.birth photography birth photography

Right up to his mama’s chest. birth photography

Odin was totally bright-eyed and alert. birth photography birth photography

And we celebrated with, what else, Starbucks coffee! Hey, we do live in the Pacific Northwest, after all.birth photography

I am so thankful to Tami for inviting Tilly along to observe. What an amazing experience for her.birth photography birth photography

Sweet Odin latched right on and nursed like he was born for it; which, of course, he was.

birth photography birth photography

Everett and Isobel got to come right to the hospital to meet the new baby. Three year old Abigail had a cough and had to stay home.

birth photography birth photography

I love, love, love this image of grandpa’s hands right next to the brand new baby.

birth photography


Congratulations, Tami, Ian, Everett, Isobel and Abigail!

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  1. I always think it wonderful when a woman is able to have a normal birth after a C-section! I had three of the latter . . . so I get a kind of vicarious thrill out of seeing that somebody else managed to do what I couldn’t.

  2. Beautiful photos, Renee! I was a pretty private “birther” and couldn’t imagine–in the moment–having anyone in the room beside my husband and the doctors and nurses who had to be there. Your photos make me wish in hindsight I’d had someone photograph the births of my kids. What a beautiful, powerful stretch of time to have documented!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      I could have written exactly that! WE had a birth photographer lined up for Apollo’s birth…but we all now how that went down. And thank, you, Lenae, for the compliment.

  3. 16blessingsmom

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful, looking at them made me cry. I have given birth to 17 babies (one stillborn), and wish I had pictures like these. I did have my sister and six teenagers in the room for the birth of my 14th, which was accidental as they were just coming to visit, then the birth was imminent, so I invited them to just stay and watch. (the teens were a few of my daughters, a few of hers, and one of my brother’s) They were totally amazed, and I happened to have an absolutely uncomplicated and simple birth with that child, she just slipped right out after a few pushes…

    Anyway, I love your photos! The expression on Mama’s face when that baby was brought to her chest, and little Odin’s eyes as he nurses for the first time…simply priceless. It brought back a flood of good memories. You are very talented, and I thank you for sharing!


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